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Watch The Windows 10 Press Event Live Stream

Windows 10 Is Coming

The Windows 10 rumour mill will be shutting down at 5PMtoday as Microsoft finally unveil their next OS, Windows 10. Coverage begins at 4:30PM

Follow the windows 10 press event here today from 4:30PM (GMT). Watch the live stream and follow my tweets. I’ll be bringing the latest news as it happens.

If you miss the live stream don’t worry, the video will be available on-demand as soon as the conference finishes.

Windows 10

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is set to launch Windows 10 today. Image Courtesy of Jacoplane

Microsoft have decided to turn the dial all the way up to 10, skipping 9 in the process, with the latest iteration of their operating system. Expect some major UI changes, a new browser, and a ton of features under the hood.


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