Wearable Technology Show 2016: 30+ Product Launches

For the very first time in the UK, WTS exhibitors will be showcasing the next generation of smart technology for sport and fitness, comprising smart applications and devices, at ExCeL in London from 15th to 16th March.

Smart Technology product launches

More than 30 companies will use the Wearable Technology Show 2016 to officially announce their products to the world. Here is a short preview:

  • MYZONE: A worldwide launch of its brand new innovative app and smart clothing range
    Antelope: The world’s first performance enhancing sportswear featuring electrical impulses that strengthen natural muscle contraction from the outside during a workout
  • CLARA: The revolutionary smart jacket featuring braking sensors and ultra-bright turn signals to improve cyclists’ and pedestrians’ safety by enhancing their visibility in low-lit conditions
  • ATO-GEAR: Featuring ultra-thin, intelligent insoles that athletes can slip into their shoe to connect them with their running technique, providing valuable data to help them achieve their goals, which could be reducing the risk of injury, running faster, or simply enjoying a better running experience.
  • LYTE: Showcasing their new range of Sunnycam HD Video Recording Eyewear specifically designed for action sports, including a snow glass and sports glass
  • Enfucell: Launching a wireless sports sensor patch that measures the acceleration and angular velocity of a golf club head, delivering highly accurate feedback of the swing’s quality that is transferred to an app via Bluetooth.
  • Ambiorun: Another athlete device comprising a high-tech sport sensor that monitors running technique and provides real-time feedback to help you acquire a healthy running style. The device determines the person’s best training load by replacing blood lactate measurements, measures your workout intensity to establish an appropriate recovery time, factors in your age and training status to avoid overtraining, compares multiple running shows to find the perfect fit for your running style, and regularly checks for material fatigue of worn shows.
  • Jaguar: Jaguar Land Rover will be demonstrating the cutting edge Connected Car technology in the Jaguar F-PACE – their new performance crossover, as well as the Activity Key, their first waterproof wearable technology that allows the key fob to be securely locked inside the vehicle – intended for owners with active lifestyles.

In addition to the displays and product launches, you can look forward to interesting talks and debates concerning the future of smart technology in sport from representatives from Adidas, TomTom, Team Sky, Runtastic, Fitbit, GSK, and Leicester City Football Club, among others.

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