Wearable Market Leaders – Fitbit Beats Apple Again

The wearable industry has seen a massive 197% growth over the last one year, according to a new IDC report, and for the second quarter in a row, Fitbit beats heavyweights Apple, Google and Samsung as the undisputed market leader.

21 million shipments of wearable devices worldwide took place in the third quarter of this year compared to the 7.1 million over the same period in 2014. Fitbit’s fitness trackers made up for 22% of that while Apple with its Apple Watch shadows closely with 16%. Samsung has fallen further down the list having failed to come up with an upscale device to rival Apple Watch and the likes. Xiaomi, Garmin and XTC, a subsidiary of BBK, thus take third, fourth and fifth place respectively.

Where is Google?

Another rivalry, as highlighted by IDC, was between Google Android Wear and Apple WatchOS software. Surprisingly, Android Wear does not feature in any of the top five devices above, leaving WatchOS as the deserved winner in the smartwatch interface platform.

With little known companies such as XTC featuring in the top five, while Samsung, Jawbone and other technology giants miss out, it’s clear the wearable market is still nascent and can prop a few more entries.

That said, a change in the leaderboard in the fourth quarter is highly likely, at least according to Ramon Llamas, IDC research manager, who believes the wearable market is still “anyone’s game” at this point.

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