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Orion Is Go

Today at 1205 GMT, NASA will be making it’s second attempt at launching the revolutionary Orion Spacecraft. This will be the first vehicle designed with the purpose to replace the retired space shuttle and take humans to Mars and beyond.

The Orion space craft will be launched into orbit on a Delta IV rocket from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The test flight will circle the Earth twice and then re-enter the atmosphere (at a speed of 20,000 mph).

The Orion is the first mission since the Apollo moon landings designed to take humans beyond the safety of our planet and into deep space (currently Space-travel only goes as far as our closely orbiting satellites).

During the flight, Orion will travel 3,609 miles from Earth. A key point of the test flight is to see how the vehicle reacts to the 2200 C heat it will be subjected to upon re-entry.

NASA recently announced it’s roadmap to Mars in which this vessel is an integral part of.

Watch the live-stream of the launch here with live updates as it happens.

1203 – Launch going better than yesterday where it never passed T-3 minutes

1204 – T-1 minute. All systems are GO

1205 – Successful Launch of the Orion Spacecraft where it will orbit out planet for 4.5 hrs before returning to Earth.



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