Virtual Reality – The Future of Romantic Relationships?

According to a report by a student from Imperial College Business School in the UK, online dating could be entirely a matter of virtual reality by the year 2040.

Commissioned by famous relationship site, eHarmony, the report entails a series of interviews with experts from ‘digital’-relationship related fields and an analysis of over a century worth of trend data to give out some jaw-dropping projections.

Results show that by 2040, thanks to advancement in virtual reality tech to crazy heights, a person would tell of another person’s smell or skin texture right from the other side of the Atlantic. Singles describing themselves using words will be a thing of the past; behavioral tracking will take over.

A product such as Smart Contact Lenses could track the type of people you look at most frequently when your body produces the signs of attraction.

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Singles will have a digital way to confirm they are ‘truly in love’ and couples will be able to tell how long their relationships are going to last. The way people find love will completely revolutionalise and more than 70% of all couples will owe their relationships to virtual reality, according to Romain Bertrand, UK Manager, eHarmony.

The whole thing may seem like the perfect example of a naïve idea, but looking at how VR tech has been advancing lately, 2040 is not too soon to have a world full of Mr. and Ms. Rights.

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