Virtual Reality Technology Successfully Used in Surgery

Except for scaring ourselves with our favourite horror movies, virtual reality has apparently not been that useful to humankind when compared to other gizmo technologies that have been the talk of the town lately. Not until one week ago, though, when the first surgical procedure with the aid of a virtual reality viewer went down a success.

The surgery, as published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, was undertaken by a team of specialists from the Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw, Poland to reopen a chronically blocked right coronary artery using virtual reality and Google Glass technology.

According to experts, this type of operation, also known as the ‘final frontier of interventional cardiology’, is often unsuccessful, something they can largely attribute to lack of sufficient technology to facilitate visualisation of occluded coronary arteries during the procedure.

But with this cheap VR technology having been part of the successful operation, techies around the world are delighted because the little toys have finally found some utility, and more so because the utility is to save lives.

This use of virtual reality technology in treating cardiac disorders is likely to be the first of many similar procedures in the coming years, according to Dr. Opolski, lead investigator.

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