Virtual Desktop Version 1.0 Officially Launches on Steam

Virtual Desktop, created by a developer Guy Godin, has been around in a number of pre-release forms for a while now, but its official commercial launch was on 31st March.

Virtual Desktop is a VR application developed for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift to let you blow up your PC desktop into immersive 3D. Basically, you can watch movies, browse the web, steam Netflix, or even play games on a massive virtual display.

The Virtual Desktop adds to the uses for Virtual Reality

Few people fully understand the applications of virtual reality, besides the conventional gaming and other demonstrations given. The 1.0 version of Virtual Desktop that was officially launched on the last day of March on Steam is a program that could serve as a replacement for your PC monitor.

The new VR app works well with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vice, though you can also launch it directly within Steam. It transforms your desktop display into a huge, adjustable floating screen, placing you in an immersive virtual space. The display curves around your field of vision, which considerably helps with the readability of text

It is similar to Oculus home, except that Virtual Desktop has no restrictions on what you can use it for. In other words, anything you do on your desktop, you can now do in VR. However, the $14.99 app could still do with some features, like the ability to physically connect more monitors to your PC – say 5 displays!

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