Vibease – A “Smart” solution to long-distance relationships?

It is a widely held belief that long distance relationships are difficult to sustain; and often the absence of physical contact in a relationship can make your heart grow cold rather than fonder. However, technology has been rapidly advancing over the past few years that make it easier for couple to bridge the gap of being apart for long periods at a time allowing relationships to remain strong and intact.

Free and easy communication over the internet has for a while now been bringing people closer together. And research recently conducted by Microsoft’s Idea Lab has already indicated that Skype could be reducing the inevitable failure of long-distance relationships; from a survey of Skype users in the US and UK in January it was reported that 96% of respondents said the video call service gives them a closer connection to their far-away loved one; 61% said video calling actually improves their romantic relationships; whilst 47% credit Skype with “keeping the love alive” when apart from their significant other.
Advice from those who have survived long-term relationships often includes exploring the ways that modern technology can forge the gap of physical absence, such as: Video calls without talking, just an open window into each others lives, and using platforms like Togethertube so that you can watch the same videos together. And now a software engineer who was thrown into a long distance relationship aims to take it one step further with a Smart vibrator.

When newlywed Dema Tio’s company transferred him from Singapore to Boston, he wanted a way to connect with his wife on an intimate level and he came up with the idea for Vibease; a comfortable, wearable vibrator that communicates with your Smartphone via Bluetooth and Android or iPhone app. When used with the Vibease Intimate app, it allows your partner to send custom vibrations from anywhere in the world.

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