LivingColours Bloom

Use Philips Hue to imbue your home with Smart Wireless Lighting

Philips is set to expand its range of programmable LED Hue lights with the two products: Philips LightStrips and Philips LivingColours Bloom. Rather than light up an entire room these products have been designed to enhance and accentuate your living space to create a stylish and modern environment.

In Bloom

Philips Bloom
The LivingColours Bloom is a portable spotlight that is 13cm in diameter, features a 120 lumen LED bulb, which sits at an angle (aimed at bringing colour to the corner of a room). As with other Philips Hue lighting, the Bloom connects to Philips Hue App for convenie control from your iPhone or iPad.


Philips LightstripsThe flexible LightStrips are available in two-meter lengths and can be placed around picture frames, on mantelpieces to draw attention to ornaments, fixtures or as stand-alone feature. And with 16 million colours to choose from, you are free to be as creative with your lighting as your imagination takes you.

Philips LED Lights – A “Smart” choice?

Philips has over a hundred years experience of manufacturing quality lighting; and LEDs are the most energy-efficient bulbs for real savings on your energy bill. They last 20 times longer, use 90% less energy and help you to make enormous savings on your electricity bills. And whilst the first generation LED light bulbs available were criticised for emitting a cold unnatural light, the Philips Hue bulbs have no such problems as you can play around as much as you like until your happy with it.

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For those who have already invested in a Philips Hue system, the LightStrips and Bloom are welcome additions to the family adding another dimension to your home lighting. For anyone without but interested, it’s important to note that they won’t work without the Hue Bridge, which comes with the basic Philips Hue starter pack (prices start around £180). If seen as a long-term investment, Philips offers the most stylish solution to making the switch to more energy efficient lighting.

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