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Trying to Quit Smoking? There’s a Device for That…

QuitbitThere is pretty much an app for everything, and those designed to help smokers quit their habit are not in short supply. However, unlike its predecessors the QuitBit incorporates a hardware device designed to make it easier to give up. And the device tasked with assisting your quest to quite for good is none other than a Smart lighter.

Much More than Just a Lighter

Whilst the Quitbit may look like a normal lighter it actually boasts a small LED display on the side, which provides details on the number of cigarettes you’ve smoked as well as the amount of time passed since your last at just a glance. The makers believe that by harnessing the power of self-awareness, it will make it easier to track progress and ultimately give up in the same way that fitness trackers such as FitBit have made it easier for users to stick to their fitness regimes and personal targets.

How does QuitBit work?

An integrated electronic heating coil (similar to car lighters) is what lights the cigarette, and is what enables the QuitBit to track the number of times the lighter is activated. And it is smart enough to detect whether your sharing it with friends or just flicking it to keep your fingers occupied during times of craving. In addition to the basic information displayed on the lighter itself, the QuitBit can also be paired to a Smartphone via Bluetooth LE to work with the companion app; providing more detailed information on smoking habits, and allowing smokers to configure reduction plans, and share your progress on social media.  Users can even set a smoking plan. By setting the lighter to only work at certain times, users can better control the amount they smoke.

A New Way to Quit

The Quitbit was designed by Ata Ghofrani and Kuji Nakano from Boston, and the Kickstarter campaign surpassed its funding target of $50,000. Available to pre-order and already shipping the first units, it might worthwhile keeping mind if you think giving up will be on your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2016.

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