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Small Tool, Big Possibility

Even though we have lots of small devices that can do all sorts of things, TheRightPen still feels like something out of an old sci-fi movie — the kind with strange planets, silvery clothes, and Robby the Robot. You pull TheRightPen out of your pocket, swipe it over the text in any book (or magazine, or what have you), and it puts the text right on your computer screen, tablet, or smart phone. What’s more, it can translate instantly, making language barriers all but obsolete.

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Much more convenient than a lot of other methods of highlighting and translating, TheRightPen isn’t available yet; it’s currently in development and raising funds. While you already know that there’s a lot of junk on crowdfunding sites, this project looks like it might be worthwhile. Take a look.

Tons of Features

TheRightPen looks like it might make highlighting books a thing of the past. You drag it over a line of text to digitise it, and you won’t have to go back later through your highlighted text to type it up or write it down. In fact, the developers claim that TheRightPen can help you get your work done in 75% less time. For students, this time savings is invaluable, even if it’s more like 50% less time.

In addition to helping you get the most out of your reading and studying, TheRightPen can translate on the spot and even speak the correct pronunciation for you. Not only is this helpful for students of foreign languages, but imagine how helpful this can be for international travellers and individuals who conduct business in multiple countries.

20150219232628-Schermata_2015-02-20_alle_08.25.49Portable, Powerful, and Simple

The translation aspect of TheRightPen is perhaps what’s most impressive. Think of how you’d translate a foreign language right now. Yes, carrying a translation dictionary is a little outdated, but you’d still need Google Translate or a translation app. Then, you’d have to type in the text and choose your languages; if you’re using a tool with voice recognition, you could speak. You could use the free World Lens app, which provides real time translation, but that might not be the best tool for translating large blocks of text; it’s best for signs and a few words here and there. Plus, with World Lens, you just get an image translation rather than digitised text.

TheRightPen, on the other hand, translates large blocks of text instantaneously, to and from over 200 languages, and it creates a text file. It also has 2 GB of storage (which is a lot of text), so if you’re not in rage of your computer or tablet, TheRightPen can store what you’ve scanned and output it later. It also has a long lasting battery and compatibility with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Plus, it all fits in your pocket.

In Conclusion

TheRightPen Indiegogo campaign is looking to raise $125,000 USD. This is a lofty goal, but then, TheRightPen looks like it could be a useful and worthwhile product. They currently have a long way to go; as of this writing, less than 10% of their goal has been met. However, once more people see the potential for TheRightPen, this could change.

You can currently get in on TheRightPen’s super early bird price of just $89 USD. Once the first 200 sell out, the price goes up to $115. Then, it is expected to retail for $215 if and when it goes on sale to the general public in the fall of 2015.

Update: Unfortunately, TheRightPen has failed to meet its fund raising goals on Indiegogo.

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