The UK Not Yet Ready For Smart Home Technology?

Smart home tech may sound like the next big thing in our UK homes but a new survey begs to differ.

As of October 2015, when the survey was conducted, only 5-7 percent of the UK population had bought at least one connected home (CH) device. What’s more, 52.4 percent of the survey’s respondents expressed no desire to adopt smart home technology in the next year, with the majority citing sheer lack of interest and the costly nature of most CH devices.

Ironically, a similar survey in the US shows that more than 54 percent of the American population want to obtain a smart home product within the next six months.

The news comes as a huge blow to investors who may wish to launch startups majoring in connected home devices in the UK soil, but according to a report by German telecommunications company, Deutsche Telekom (DT), companies working in or planning to venture into the industry are already aware of this.

Meanwhile, experts believe this is just a typical response from the UK consumer market to new technology, and that time, like it has done before, will certainly change the figures.

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