Punkt. Mp01 mobile phone

The Punkt. MP01 Mobile Phone: Simple, Functional, Liberating

Nostalgic For Simpler Times?

How much time do you spend tapping your fingers on the surface of your smartphone? There’s your Facebook feed to check and update, tweets to write and read, candy to crush, and chats to snap — not to mention texts to peck out, selfies to take, and your calendar to maintain.

Perhaps you make a phone call, but if you’re like most people, your smartphone is an entertainment apparatus first and a communication device a very distant second.

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However, it wasn’t all that long ago when mobile phones had one function: they made phone calls. It was a simpler time, before wifi and 4G and BlueTooth were concerns. We didn’t worry about data — we worried about going over our 20 monthly minutes of talk time. Wouldn’t it be nice to not feel like slaves to our smartphones and just have a mobile for emergencies?

Well, yes — perhaps that would be nice. And Punkt. (stylised with the period at the end) out of Switzerland agrees 100%. This is a company that creates simple, functional products that aren’t loaded down with high-tech bells and whistles. They’ve got an alarm clock, a cordless phone, a USB charging dock, an extension socket, and now, the Punkt. MP01 Mobile Phone.Punkt alarm clock

Punkt. MP01 Mobile Phone – There’s No Apps For That

Punkt mp01 Mobile PhonePunkt. recently announced its MP01 mobile phone. It’s not a smartphone, it’s not a phablet — it’s a phone. It makes phone calls. Period. Yes, it can send texts, but it’s all click-click-click on the numerical keypad to get a message out. And that’s all.

To whom might the MP01 appeal? Well, there are the people who just don’t want a smartphone but still feel the need to have a mobile for emergencies. Then there are the people who are trying to break their (real or perceived) addiction to status updates and constant alerts. And of course, there are people who just want to simplify their lives and not be so available to the tech-obsessed world.

Simple Design For Simple Functionality

Punkt mp01 Mobile Phone sizeThe Punkt. MP01 mobile phone boasts an aesthetic that seems to pay homage to the work of legendary industrial designer Dieter Rams. It’s simple: all black, round black buttons, white markings. The screen is a full-colour TFT LDC display with a resolution of 320×240. It’s all very reminiscent of the Braun ET66 calculator, minus the yellow equals button.

As for what the MP01 doesn’t have: a touch screen, a home button, a selfie camera (or any camera), and all the usual trappings of the standard habit-forming mobile phone. It’s just a retro design with retro features that allows you to take a few steps away from the hyper-connected world.

Coming Soon, But Is Anyone Buying?

Already out in limited release in London only, Punkt. has announced that its MP01 will be available in time for Christmas, and that eager customers can pre-order one now. It’s not cheap — the current pre-order price is £229. So, you’re not necessarily saving anything by choosing to simplify your mobile phone. In fact, you may be paying extra for the privilege.

Is there really a market for the MP01 mobile phone? Punkt is banking on it, but it will be interesting to see how many customers pick one up and (and here’s the kicker) stick with it. Will users miss access to all of their apps? Or will having a significantly pared down mobile phone transform their lives for the better?

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