The Mission Smartwatch: Nixon’s first Android Wear Watch with 10-ATM Rating

Nixon is the newest old model watch maker to introduce an Android Wear product named The Mission, joining the likes of Casio and Fossil in adding a smartwatch line to their brand. And judging from the promotional pre-launch media, this will be a beastly watch intended for those living on the edge.

What to expect from Nixon’s The Mission

The smartwatch comes with an incredibly durable chassis featuring a solid 48mm case made from shock-resistant polycarbonate, with a raised 316L steel ‘roll cage’ bezel around the display, which is coated in a heavy duty crystal Corning Gorilla Glass sheet.

But perhaps what is more impressive is its waterproofing. While most water-resistant wearables are designed to withstand water pressure at one meter depth for around 30 minutes, Nixon claims that The Mission can hold up when submerged in up to 100 meters of water, owing to its astonishing 10-ATM rating.

Still on its exterior, consumers will have the ability to customise their own case, with 20-band options and 12-bezel colours/materials. The California company is also offering special watch faces that mimic some of its own popular watches.

Beyond its ruggedness, The Mission’s software is designed with active people in mind: from the newly announced Snapdragon 2100 processor built exclusively to power smartwatches and wearables to the range of apps, including its own Trace app that allows you to track sessions using built-in GPS; a Mission app that shows snow and surf conditions; and the Google Fit app for tracking your daily activities.

Nixon’s The Mission is set to hit the stores this fall for $400, though it should be on display at Baseworld 2016 that starts today in Switzerland.

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