The Casio Smart Outdoor Watch now Available to Order

The Casio Smart Outdoor Watch, the company’s first Android Wear watch, is not available for purchase from a handful of retailers for $500.

Reasons to buy the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch

The Casio WSD-F10 Smart Outdoor watch is not just Casio’s first Android Wear device, but also the first smartwatch to diversify from the mainstream. It is nowhere close to another me-too everyday smart watch.

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The WSD-F10 is the ideal watch for outdoorsy folk looking for a waterproof, vibration proof, and shock proof wearable that is hardcore and certified to the military standards.

The huge lump of smartwatch weighs 90g, is waterproof up to 50m, and comes with 1.32-inch, 320 x 300, 332 ppi LCD touchscreen. But there’s an interesting twist to its display: you can activate a second monochrome display instead of the colour panel to increase the battery life of your watch from one day to one month! Unfortunately, activating the monochrome display means that you can’t access all the nice sensors, but this is what it takes to extend the battery life.

The Casio smartwatch has all the sensors you’d need for outdoor activities, including an altitude and air pressure sensor, gyrometer, accelerometer, magnetometer, and a magnetic compass. With regard to the processor, the smartwatch has 512MB of RAM and 4GB storage.

You can buy the WSD-F10 at Amazon in an exclusive red design; at Google in an exclusive olive green design or the standard orange version; at REI in orange design; or on Casio’s own website in orange or black. The price is the same for all designs, so you can pick a store depending on your colour preference.

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