Ladibird for iPhone a Scam?


Important Update Nov 2015: according to recent data, the Ladibird still hasn’t been shipped to the backers and the founder refuses to provide any commentary on the matter.

Ladibird aims to improve further on the advances of each successive iPhone ‘s camera, and deliver future generation capabilities to users now.

Compact camera sales have been in decline for a while now with as Smartphone’s have evolved to offer similar capabilities when it comes to point and shoot photography; not to mention the convenience of only needing one device and being able to upload and share your images instantly.

Now you’ll be able to add a 50mm f/1.8 lens coupled with a large CMOS sensor to your iPhone for even sharper images.

Ladibird is an Indiegogo Start-up

The three developers of the Ladibird successfully funded the first round of their project on Indiegogo, which they are calling their ‘prototype’ round and should be shipping the device to earlybird investors this summer. The next round of funding is still to come, and offers the chance to get your hands on one below the anticipated retail price so watch this space if it’s something you’re interested in.

Ladibird Specifications

Designed to provide DSLR quality; the Ladibird will feature a mirrorless CMOS image sensor that is 7.5x bigger than found in a typical Smartphone’s camera for higher resolution and sharper images. Combined with the large aperture, the Ladibird will absorb more light for better quality pictures in low light without the use of a flash.

The 50mm f/1.8 prime lens will be optimised for shallow depth-of-field pictures by capturing your subject in sharp focus and softening the background to provide a natural frame, and professional looking portrait. Whilst the accompanying app will allow you to:

  • Take photos by tapping your iPhone screen or push of the Ladibird button
  • Use of filters on Instagram, and/or edit pictures via third party apps
  • Share and send your images via Social Media or messaging
  • Instantly backup and/or transfer your photos to the cloud with apps such as Dropbox

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