Sound by Human: Extraordinary Audio Sound System

While Sound may be easily mistaken for wireless headphones, the device is actually a unique ear attachment that delivers superior audio and communication experience. Essentially, Sound has a suite of features that transcend headphones, offering a lot more comfort, audio clarity, and functionality.

The revolutionary audio device by the Seattle, US based company, Human Incorporated, has raised over $300,000 USD, which is more than 200% of its $150,000 target from more than 1,300 backers.

The company describes their innovation as a ‘new era of personal audio’ and rightfully so. The app-operated ear attachment eliminates the headphone splitter, turns into a loudspeaker via the Amplify feature; tracks your health via the Active feature that captured data for advanced biometric monitoring; breaks language barriers via the instantaneous Speak language translation feature; and monitors the user’s sleep cycle via the Sleep feature.

With an induction charging pad to help you achieve over 12 hours of battery life, Sound lets you to enjoy an unrivalled audio and communication experience on the go.

The unique design of Sound

sound-by-humanSound’s design is inspired by the human ear. Compared to the standard bulky headphones in the market, or their tiny plastic earbuds counterpart, Sound by Human features a distinct ear piece design that allows firm and comfortable placement on the ear and combines several industry-bending functions, while acting as an extension of the human body.

1. Size diversity for perfect fit

The creativity behind Sound’s design is such that it can accommodate any shape, function, and size of the wearer’s ears. Beyond the sizing spectrum, these earbuds also feature skin sensitive materials to create an organically fuller listening experience

2. Total encapsulation for a sealed audio experience

This encapsulating design offers an industry-leading experience: a secure ear attachment that fits your entire ear for a sealed audio experience, delivering comfy listening on the go. So you never have to worry about the attachments falling out from your ears.

3. Wireless experience

There are no wires for a completely unobtrusive listening experience.

4. More space

The large earbud design offers plenty of real-estate to house a range of advanced hardware components, including multiple microphones, multiple transducers, better RF/wireless connection, a larger battery with more than 12 hours life, and a suite of software and hardware features.

5. Buttonless operation

Instead of buttons, the device relies on a natural user experience to navigate tracks, adjust volume, receive calls, and control a number of Sound’s app-driven features through touch-command.

When the earbuds are brought together, the device enters low-power mode; if they stay in this position for several minutes, the hardware automatically turns off. This mechanism is based on a Magnetic Triggering System.

Conversely, when the earphones are pulled apart, the device powers on to instantly connect both earbuds to your phone via Bluetooth.

Other button-less and intuitive UX features include:

  • Audio pause by removing Sound from your ears
  • Resume playback by placing the device back on your ears

When powered on, Sound’s LED illuminates, and then dims when the earphones are brought together as it is about to power off.

6. Touch controls

While turning the device on/off is dependent on the proximity, Magnetic Triggering System, Sound features a touch surface for Swipe Controls as follows:

  • Swipe upwards for Volume Up
  • Swipe downwards for Volume Down
  • Tap once to Pause
  • Tap twice to Play
  • Swipe right to Skip a Track
  • Swipe left to Replay or choose the Previous Track

You can also tap to accept or deny incoming calls, and use Swipe to access controls for Social, Fade, and other features.

Unique Pre-sale Features

Sound comes with a range of features to enhance the user’s experience, including:

1. Amplify mode

Amplify mode lets you use your earphones as a portable Bluetooth speaker, and also to connect with other Sound units to create room-filling sound.

2. Fade

The Fade feature is an ambient noise system that, when activated via the Human app, reduces external sounds and simultaneously increases the volume of the listener’s surroundings using a microphone embedded within the hardware, through an intuitive touch command. There are three levels to the ambient sound cancelling microphone that you can choose after selecting ‘noise cancel’ on the app.

3. Social

The Social feature lets you share your favourite music with friends with a simple touch. To do this, you must first use Social within Sound’s app to browse your surroundings for other users with Sound in range. Then, simply select the listener you would like to share your audio with. He/she can accept or deny your request via their Human app.

Place your Sound order today!

Sound is available for preorder on Indiegogo with a pledge of $200. The innovative Bluetooth headphones will be shipped in July 2017.

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