Sony to make PlayStation VR playable on Windows PCs

Considering that the internal components of the PS4 are similar to those of PCs, Sony is looking to make their PlayStation VR playable on Windows PCs. But with the company focusing on the PlayStation VR fall launch, its PC headset won’t be available in the immediate future.

The Future: PlayStation VR playable on Windows PCs

Since the October release date of PlayStation VR was announced during GDC 2016, there have been numerous pre-orders placed on the headset. This is despite the fact that it will be arriving much later than the highly anticipated PC virtual reality devices, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

The PS VR is retailing for $399, which is a reasonable price that explains why VR fans have placed so many pre-orders. There’re also bundles offers comprising the PlayStation Camera and two Move controllers along with the PlayStation VR Worlds and Playroom VR digital download for $499.

Another reason why the Sony offer is so enticing is because users only need a PS4 console, while the Rift and Vive require PC set up.

PS4.5 ahead of PlayStation VR

Rumours suggest that the more powerful brother of the PS4, dubbed PS4.5, could be released as soon as the third quarter, which is ahead of the planned fall (October) release of PlayStation VR – Sony’s virtual reality headset.

The updated console will feature more powerful hardware that is capable of handling a higher-end gaming experience for VR and 4K games. However, existing owners will be required to purchase PS4.5 in order to fully benefit from its virtual reality capabilities.

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