SnappGrip – a pointless point-and-shoot iPhone accessory?

Snappgrip is an attachable camera controller for iPhone or Samsung Galaxy designed to give you the feel and functionality of a compact point and shoot camera. But with so many people turning their backs on point-and-shoot camera’s in favour of Smartphone or iPhone photography; is there really any need for something, which turns our phones back into something we’ve shunned?

How the Snappgrip works?

The Snappgrip consists of two parts: a case (available for iPhone 4S/5C/5S; and Samsung Galaxy S3/S4) and the Snappgrip controller. Once the case is attached you can snap the controller into place (and easily remove once you’re finished). The controller pairs to your phone via the Snappgrip companion app and low energy Bluetooth; all photos taken with snappgrip are saved to the in-app library with options to share your snaps on social media, save the images to your phone, and even edit the photos with a choice of filters and borders. It does make it marginally easier to take photos one handed, and the controller gives you the opportunity to play around with the shutter/focus, and shooting mode. You can also adjust the digital zoom, which is a pretty redundant feature if you care anything about the quality of your photos. Much more interesting are the additional lenses (Wide Angle+Macro, Fish-eye+Macro, Telephoto, and Microscope), however, starting at £20.00 a pop you’d be far better off going for an Olloclip if you have an iPhone.

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