Wearables just for Children – Best Smartwatch for Kids 2016

Wearables just for Children – Best Smartwatch for Kids 2017

With so many devices hitting the “smart” market these days, children-themed smartwatches haven’t been sidelined either. For parents, though, the best smartwatch for kids is one that allows them to know the exact location of their little bundles of joy. If the device supports voice communication, the better it becomes.

Whether he or she is out playing with friends, at school, on a school tour with classmates, visiting family and friends, or just exploring around the block, wanting so much to check up on them is wholly fulfilling to every parent. Smartwatches for children can be lots of fun, too.

A smartwatch tailored for your kid can be what keeps your love with them even when you are not with them. Not unlike adults’ smartwatches, kids’ smartwatches have evolved quite a bit and especially in the past two years. Today’s kids can not only tell the time and real-time GPS stats of where they are, but the young can also learn to live healthier from the wrist. They can create to-do lists, sync to smartphones and receive that text from mom to get home in time for dinner, as well as track their exact location via GSM connection. Clearly, there is a smartwatch that caters to every child’s and guardian’s needs.

In 2015, about 470,000 missing children were reported to the FBI. According to the FBI’s National Crime Information Centre (NCIC), almost the same number of missing children was reported the year prior. The information only represents missing children cases in the U.S—the global stats can be quite exasperating. Doubtless, you need to keep a close check on your baby.

Here are the top 7 smartwatches for children in 2016.

1. dokiWatch 3G-enabled Kids Phone Watch ($179 pre-order)

For safety-conscious parents, the dokiWatch has quite a lot going on—for that price too. First, the dokiWatch has a built-in 2MP camera and a fully-integrated video calling feature. Parents can see what the kid is up to as well as share in those experiences.

Not unlike other smartwatches for kids below, dokiWatch has a smart locator feature that combines the powers of GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi tech to help locate children both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, it allows parents to set up AlertAreas, which is essentially areas parents consider as safe zones. When the kid crosses AlertAreas the parent is alerted via the accompanying Doki App for Android — no iOS app yet.

Fitness, Learning and More

DokiWatch can help your 6-12-year old keep fit via its fitness program for kids. There’s also a Class Mode where parents can remotely deactivate dokiWatch at set times such as while the child is in class—not unless you want to know how that Math teacher’s been doing to up their grade.

DokiWatch children can take advantage of the camera and record those experiences for later; the device packs 4GB of flash memory, Bluetooth 4.0 for sharing, a Nano SIM slot for GSM connection (voice and video calls, and one-way text and emoji messages). You both get a 36-hour battery life (“under normal use”) to support all that. It also comes with a 1.22″ TFT color touch screen for those “FaceTime” moments, as well as a selection of colors to suit his or her personality.

Clearly, this is one advanced smartwatch for kids that’ll keep them away from your Apple Watch too. Too bad it’s still in development — only available for pre-order. Estimated delivery date is July 2016.

doki.com | See smartwatches for kids on Amazon

2. FiLIP 2 ($149 on Amazon)

my filip 2 smart watch for kidsFiLIP Technologies came up with the device and made it be both a smart locator for kids under 10 and a watch phone.The FiLIP 2 is the second-gen device from the stable and allows both parents and children to dial calls either way. It uses Wi-Fi, GSM and GPS connections to pinpoint the location of a child. Via GSM connection, the FiLIP helps children send one-way text messages, too.

The location data is available to parents via the accompanying Android and iOS mobile apps. In case of anything, including when the child wants to say a big “Hi daddy!”, parents can add contacts via the app, and the device will dial those automatically when required.

For those times, the child only needs to press and hold the red button on the side. The device will then activate Intelligent Emergency Mode.

Additionally, parents can pre-set safe zones and if and when the child crosses them, they receive an alert via the mobile app as fast as possible.

myfilip.com | See on Amazon

3. AmbyGear Kids Phone Watch ($9.90 monthly for the first year)

AmbyGear Kids Phone WatchWorried your little boy or girl will break that wrist jewel?

Check out the AmbyGear smartwatch for kids. It is rugged, cool and it oozes useful features and is worth sharing the podium with the FiLIPs and dokiWatches of the world. The watch’s entire case is covered in a soft silicon shell—no first-try breaks here. If you have an active Billy or Shelly, consider the AmberGear kids smartwatch.

Perhaps THE highlighting feature is one which allows parents/guardians to download new apps and replace others as the child grows older. That is quite some value for money, plus the child need not learn to work with a whole other different smartwatch for kids brand. That is not all, though.

Users still get the smartwatch-for-kids regulars: safe zones, calling, GPS tracking (there’s a module inside the watch), smart calendar and alerts whenever she or he get into or crosses a safe zone.

Besides, messaging is included via a 3G connection, which combines with the GPS embedded within to pinpoint the child both in and outdoors.

ambygear.com | See on Amazon

4. VTech KidiZoom DX ($49.99)

Best for children aged 4-9, the VTech KidiZoom DX smartwatch for kids is heavily meant for fun times and early learning too—via “Learning Lodge.”

There are eight games, over fifty 3D (analog and digital) clock faces, and lots of entertainment on-the-go to keep kids occupied on the touch screen.


Also, your child can learn simple math with a digital owl using the onboard calculator feature. He or she’ll also learn to tell the time with “Fun Time Master,” as well as use alarm, timer and stopwatch for fitness activity times aimed at getting kids active and healthy—this using the new motion sensors’ three action modes.


It has an inbuilt camera and multiple and fun photo effects, filters and frames. Young Photographers can also record their voices and take pictures and video to share with friends and parents. The features are meant for the 4-9-year bracket and the early development theme infused in there are quite commendable.


VTech’s KidiZoom DX kids watch packs splash and sweat-proof features, so you need not worry the child will ruin it in no time. It’s pretty tough to break as well, and chunky too, such that the kid won’t be choking on it after trying to swallow.

To power all these features, KidiZoom DX comes with a Lithium-Ion battery that is rechargeable via a micro-USB port. However, the DX is not what you want if you are trying to find a smart locator for your child. Smart tracking features are conspicuously missing.

vtechkids.com | See on Amazon

5. Caref GPS Phone Watch for Kids ($49 for Purple, $99 for Other Colors)

Caref GPS Phone Watch

Precise Innovation, the company behind the workings of the Caref GPS phone watch for kids (around age 10 or under), says it developed the devices so kids can call their parents from the wrist.

The same company is the maker of the Kidsport GPS tracking band, which works pretty much the same way as the Caref Watch only missing the calling feature.

The device keeps tabs on kids by always sending updates (location stats) every ten minutes via an accompanying Android and iOS mobile app. From the app, parents or guardians can program the Caref GPS watch and set “geo-fences”. Whenever the child crosses these fences, an alert is sent to the parent via the app on their phone.

Parents can also input contacts which the child can use to reach them in the case of an emergency. In fact, the Caref GPS phone watch for kids automatically sends a call to all the numbers in the list, one after the other goes through or fails to. The child only needs to press the SOS button to activate the feature.

preciseinnovation.com | See on Amazon

6. LG GizmoPal 2 ($79.99)

LG Gizmopal 2Electronics giant, LG, decided to update the original version, KizON, with the rather beautiful GizmoPal 2 kids phone watch. Parents can not only keep tabs on their children whereabouts via the accompanying Android app using GPS and Wi-Fi, but they can also call them from the wrist.

Parents can use the mobile app to pre-set a list of numbers that the device can access and dial whenever the child needs to. And like most other best smartwatches for kids on here, adults can set safe zones, and they’ll receive alerts via the app whenever the child crosses them.

For the kids’ sake, GizmoPal 2 calls out the time (Voice Clock) and makes fun sounds to keep the child entertained.

lg.com | See on Amazon

7. Tinitell Kids Watch Phone (Pre-order for $149)

Tinitell is a wearable mobile phone for kids.It also provides positioning through GPS. Parents can just log on to the Tinitell App (both Android and iOS available) and locate their young ones on a map.

Parents can pre-set a list of numbers that the device can dial up to help the kid attain help whenever he or she presses the big button in the center of the band. There is no touch screen here, which may be a good thing as the Tinitell kids phone watch comes with a handy voice command function. So instead of fumbling on a touch screen, your son or daughter only needs to “tell” the device to “Call Mom” and that will happen.

To keep a keen watch on your wild child, and in whichever environs they conquer, the device is IP57 licensed as water resistant and dustproof. The strap is also “childproof”, so the device won’t be breaking quite soon. Add to that the 7-day (on standby) and 60-minute talk time battery life and it is quite a good deal—although the battery could use some more juice.

tinitell.com | See kids smartwatches on Amazon

Honorary mentions

  1. HereO — another top smartwatch for kids. Definitely worth a podium spot (See on Amazon)
  2. KidsWatcher — Awesome kids phone watch for the discerning parent and playful, young photographer (See on Amazon)
  3. Orbo Smartwatch for kids — comes with a tiltable camera for the free child (See on Amazon)
  4. Leapfrog Leapband — one of the best fitness bands for kids (See on Amazon)

Smartwatches for Kids Guide: What to look for when buying a Kids Smartwatch

1. GPS, GSM or both?

Think about it for a moment. Are buying one to keep track of him or her? Because if that’s the case, you’d need one with smart locator features. Those include GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi and 3G-enabled smartwatches for kids. GPS alone mainly locates the child outdoors, but a combination of GPS and GSM, for example, helps keep tabs on them wherever and whenever, whether indoors or outdoors.

2. Camera

If you need to keep a watch on them and see how their young world is spanning out, you might want to invest in a smartwatch for kids with a camera. That one should be accompanied with reasonable internal memory and a port to share the photos and videos on a larger screen, for example.

3. Age of the child

Plenty of fancy features mean nothing if your child will end up struggling to grasp them. In short, consider what stage of their development your little angel is in and do not be afraid to seek some handy guidance from, say, friends with some knowledge in early child development education, for example.

That’d be the difference between choosing a smartwatch for kids that emphasizes on math, using a calculator, and so on, and another that starts with helping junior learn to tell the time.

If you can find one that allows you two to download new apps as they grow, that’s much better.

4. His or Her Interests

Even twins are different in what interests they instinctively choose to follow. The good thing about kids, they don’t pretend. By observing what she likes time and again, you might be able to tell what can appeal to them the most.

For example, your girl could be an upcoming photographer, so be sure to get her a smartwatch for kids that has a camera and touch screen. Or your boy could be the next guitar maestro, so do get him a device that does produce musical sounds. That is not all, but you get the flow.

5. Personality

What color do you get him, and do you opt for swappable straps for her? Or is her affinity directed towards bold, rugged gizmos, can he play with a cute-looking wrist toy?

In fact, though, why not show him or her a couple of random photos of different best smartwatches for kids. Which one did she choose?

6. Activity

The more active he or she is, the more sociable, the more extroverted, the more you will need a smart locator module embedded in her timepiece. You will most likely need one that can trace them both indoors and outdoors, too. If they are hyperactive and like to play in wet areas, or pool, or beach, and so on, why not look out for a smartwatch that is certified water-resistant and dustproof at the very least.

Smartwatch For Kids – To sum it up

Most parents shy away from handing their children a smartphone. Smartwatches can do pretty much the same chores a standard smartphone can, though. The wrist-worn tech is also cheaper—like Xiaomi’s $50 kids’ smartwatch. Much as we have tried our best, this best smartwatch for kids quick guide is in no way exhaustive of the varied options in the market today. Be sure to look around and keep her and him close. Don’t be surprised, too, if the price comes after some other considerations.

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