Smart Pill Dispenser: Never Forget to Take your Meds Again

HERO, a New York-based startup company, has announced its recent creation: a smart pill dispenser that promises to take the hassle out of remembering to take your meds.

The first ever smart pill dispenser?

From thermostats to robots, there are many smart devices intended to make your life easier at home. So, it must come as a surprise to many that there has never been a nifty device that makes it easier for one to remember to take their medication, until now.

The latest HERO creation is designed to look like a coffee machine, except that it dispenses medication and not a beverage. The device can accommodate up to ten different types of pills, and is then programmed to know when you need to take each type of medication and the right dosage.

The device is connected to an app that sends you an alert when it is time for you (or someone under your care) to take any of the medications, and automatically dispenses the right one in the programmed dosage.

The app can also send an alert to parents and caregivers if someone in the family (taking medication) has missed a scheduled dosage. In addition, the device shows a count on how many pills have been taken, and when the supply is running low.

Although it seems like a simple idea, the device addresses a real concern. It will be particularly useful to people who take medications on a regular basis, like diabetes medicines or contraceptive pills, though it can also be used to dispense other medications (like painkillers) on demand.

This nifty device will go on sale in stores starting this summer at a hefty $999, though you can get it for $399 if you pre-order now.

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