Best Smart Bike Lock 2017 – Lock Smarter, Not Harder

Best Smart Bike Lock 2017

Look around. While there’s no denying that bicycles serve an important role of our modern lifestyle, they can also be very frustrating. Bike owners – you can attest to this. For instance, you always have to remember to check your lock, lights, tire conditions and rain gear among other things periodically so long as you’re interested in enjoying stress-free cruises. Or is it rides? Anyway, in the following article, we will be discussing some of the latest and upcoming smart bike security locks and find out which one is the best smart bike lock in 2017.

So buckle up, it might be a pretty bumpy ride!

10. Grasp Lock

grasplock smart bike lockThe Grasp Lock is a crowdfunded battery powered, water resistant smart bike lock that comes with an inbuilt fingerprint scanner. It works with a connected application that is used for setting up the lock and adding approved fingerprints.

After setting it up, you only need to “grasp” your phone to unlock your bike, which is pretty cool. It is possible to add more than 20 fingerprints of bike users and then manage the list by restricting users to specific times of the day.

grasplock.com | See smart locks for bikes on Amazon

9. BikeSpike

Using a regular bike lock is a great theft deterrent, but for extra protection, you need a smart digital bike lock like BikeSpike. This small and modern accessory is attached to your bicycle through a customised bottle holder. It packs a cellular antenna, GPS chipset, and accelerometer in its small frame. The good thing about all that high tech is the fact that it is possible to monitor your bike’s location either from a computer or smartphone and lock it digitally from an offsite location. You also get notifications if the bike is tampered with or moved. For people who like to keep track of their stats like favourite courses, speed, and distance, BikeSpike offers all these measurements to help enhance your ride. Think of BikeSpike as a mixture of Nike+ and Find My iPhone for your bicycle.

Note: BikeSpike looks very promising and has raised over $150,000 on Kickstarter. However there hasn’t been an update from the developers for over a year, who seem to be logging into their Kickstarter account from time to time, but not addressing these issues or answering any comments from backers. Also, the official BikeSpike site has went offline.

8. Lock8

lock8 smart digital bike lockLock8 is an advanced smart lock system that comes with inbuilt GPS that enables users to track their bike’s location easily online. The smart bike lock comes with several sensors to help in detecting theft and sending notifications. It can easily detect temperature changes to the locking cable to assess when the cable gets cut, and it also detects motion and vibration. If the lock senses either of those events, an alarm is triggered to scare away the thief. The owner also gets notified simultaneously when the alarm goes off.

7. I Lock It

I Lock It smart bike lockI Lock It is a fully automatic lock that you can easily install on your bike for seamless unlocking within seconds. It also offers alarm security for scaring potential thieves away using its loud acoustic alarm. Besides the alarm, you also get theft notifications on your phone when some attempts to steal the bike. Unlike other smart bike locks, I Lock It is expandable, and this means that there are optional chain and cables available for securing your bike to the surrounding environment. You do not need to use an additional smart bike lock when using I Lock It.

ilockit.bike | See alternatives on Amazon

6. ULock

ULock smart bike lockUlock uses high quality, resilient and water resistant materials that have been tested to meet the toughest stress tests. As is the case with most smart bike locks, you get keyless entry, geo-located parking and an associated app full of great features. Set the Ulock app on automatic mode and it opens the smart bike lock just by shaking your phone. Also, if you forget to lock it, it automatically locks itself if you move away from the bike or motorcycle, thus keeping it secure at all times.

ulock.me | Buy on Amazon

5. Noke

noke smart bike lockNoke was innovatively designed as a super-easy-to-use smart bike lock as it finds and automatically connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth 4.O. There is no need for even removing your smartphone from your purse or pocket to access your bicycle. Besides managing your smart bike lock, Noke allows you to manage several locks simultaneously. You can rename the locks and even create customised settings for every Noke lock, whether for your trailer or back gate and so on.

The access share app allows you to share your bike with friends. You can set the specific day, location, time and period of access your friend will be using the bike. It is also possible to revoke bike access where necessary after viewing the history of the bike locks and unlocks from the app. The soft edges and smooth surfaces make for a very stylish design.

noke.com | Buy on Amazon

4. LoopLock – Smart Bicycle Locks

looplock smart bike lockRunning on the latest low energy Bluetooth 4.0, LoopLock is a smart bike lock that enables fast and easy access to your bike. Stainless steel is used as the main material for the smart bike lock to add durability and security. Like Linka, LoopLock is directly installed on your bike so that you do not have to worry about always carrying a physical lock. There is also something very futuristic in how this bike lock is designed, considering that it also uses solar power.

Some of the features included in the app are swipe based or proximity based locking, energy analysis and sharing access. All in all, LoopLock is quite an innovative smart bike lock with a modern and beautiful design in an appealing, compact form.

getlooplock.com | See alternatives on Amazon

3. Linka Lock

Linka is a hard mounted smart bike lock that is placed at the rear of the bike so that you are always ready for locking up when you reach your destination. There is a significant benefit of using Linka over other smart locks since it can completely immobilise your bike if it is stolen, thus helping you track it down. You also get the same range of features as other smart locks, like tamper alerts and keyless locking. However, there is an extra feature that Linka offers which is a tamper siren when anyone attempts to steal your bike.

Linka has also redefined the auto unlock feature as you do not even need to pull out your phone to unlock it, once you approach the bike, the phone automatically unlocks it. Now that is the true definition of a smart bike lock. You also get community-based tracking, where Linka can communicate with any other surrounding Linka’s via Bluetooth for effective tracking. Finally, the Linka app comes with a bicycle theft heat map that recommends the safest locations to park your bike.

linkalock.com | See alternatives on Amazon

2. Bitlock – A Smart Bicycle Lock

handsfree opening bitlockAn essential component of most smart bike locks is the fact that they do not come with the regular keys and are instead keyless. The same applies for Bitlock that not only offers keyless entry, where you only have to press a button to unlock your bike in less than one second. With this particular lock, you can easily track your cycling habits, by measuring several cycling aspects like trip duration, length and number of calories burnt.

Bitlock is more advanced than Skylock as it includes a helpful geotagging feature that allows you to remember easily where you last parked your bike. With a creative design and the fact that it is available in a wide range of colours, Bitlock is one of the most attractive smart bike locks. Besides the great looks, you also get a great battery life of around five years due to a smart power management system and low power actuation and radio system. You can easily perform more than 10,000 locks and unlock operations on one charge. The encryption used in Bitlock is quite exemplary as it guarantees extra protection.

bitlock.co | See alternatives on Amazon

1. Skylock

Skylock smart bicycle lockSkylock is a smart bike security lock that is poised to start shipping in the first quarter of 2016. It is a simple to use, intelligent lock that is extremely robust and has an extensive wireless range of around 200m. A keyless system is used in this smart lock, and this removes the worry about either misplacing or losing your key. Once you snap on the shackle, the smart bike lock automatically locks itself and unlocking is made easier through the accompanying lock.

Other key features of Skylock include the crash alert, which can detect different types of crashes using the inbuilt accelerometer. If a crash is detected, the app will notify people within your trusted networks. Also, the accelerometer serves the dual purpose of theft detection and immediately send out an alert. Skylock is compatible with both Android and iOS, further adding to its appeal. With regards to battery and power, you get USB charging from the inbuilt battery and a solar panel.

lattis.io | See alternatives on Amazon

Beyond the Smart Bicycle Lock – Making Your Bike Safe and Secure

Even if you have the most advanced smart lock on the market, the chances that a poorly secured bike is still going get stolen are as high as the number of petty thieves on our streets and neighborhood. There are some owners, for example, who only secure the back wheel onto the frame as if a thief could not just pick the bike up and walk away.

So, it is still imperative to know the right ways to secure your bike, even when employing a smart bicycle lock system. Here are few tips to help you out:

  1. Avoid locking your bike in abandoned alleys – If you do not want to lose your bicycle to theft, then do not leave it in places where it can get tampered with ease. Instead, look for busy areas with a lot of people walking as it is going to be safer there. Thieves will be discouraged by the many people walking around to start messing with your bike.
  2. Do not give thieves any room to tamper with your smart bike lock – Besides locking your bike in a public location, do not give thieves lots of room or space to start working on your smart lock. You want the most secure smart lock that does not have an easily accessible locking mechanism. That way, a thief cannot reposition the lock before attempting to cut it. However, the good thing is that most smart locks are made from highly durable products like reinforced stainless steel for better protection.
  3. Make it seem difficult to mess with your lock – Some locks are not too intimidating enough such that thieves will think they have a chance at breaking them. Remember thieves prefer going for the lowest hanging fruits first. By making your bicycle lock seem like too much trouble to mess with, thieves will likely move forward to the easier pickings.

Other Means of Protecting Your Bike

There are several ways to protect your bike, the best being keeping your bike within your sight always. Even after locking it with a smart lock, if you keep glancing at your bike from time to time, it’s obvious that you’ll still be in a position to see if someone attempts to steal or mess around with it. While this advice may not be effective at all times, it is always advisable to park the bike within your vicinity.In other words, unlike a vehicle or a motorcycle, your bike is safest when within your field of vision. If you are in public, look for a window seat and ensure you can see your bike. When you reach home or the office, take the bike inside with you, and you will certainly feel at ease about the safety of your precious property.

The other additional consideration even as you start looking at the top 10 smart bike locks is getting an insurance cover for your bike. Many bike owners will invest in the best locks, but forget to set up decent insurance policies for their bikes, which is quite affordable these days. Getting insurance means that even if your bike gets stolen, you will instantly get a replacement. Thus, ensure you look around for a good bike insurance cover for additional peace of mind.

Ultimately, you should always be wary of where you lock your bike. A smart lock will not help you so much if the area is known for lots of bike theft. Hence, take extra caution to know the exact nature of your environment in regards to general vehicular security and then ensure that your bike is well secured.

Smart Bike Lock – Final Impressions

With more and more people relying on bikes as their main forms of transportation, particularly in the major cities, it goes without saying that securing bikes is almost the next most important aspect of our fast-paced modern lifestyle ( well, of course, after our prized smartphones and wallets.

Incidentally, however, the current conventional locks on the market are not very effective as burglary deterrents – thieves have discovered many ways of bypassing them. Also, it is hard to trace your bike once it has been stolen. However, with smart locks, all the security problems can be solved easily. We now not only have the tools and technology that can help to prevent bicycle theft but also the capability of tracking the bike through GPS if ( by any chance ) the unfortunate happens.

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