Samsung Gear VR introduces Experimental Support for WebVR

In addition to the Samsung Gear VR web browser, the company has introduced experimental support for WebVR to give users full immersion when browsing supporting content using the headset. You will, however, have to enable it yourself as you wait for the update from the deprecated API set to the latest WebVR draft.

Support for WebVR means enjoying VR experiences Online

Samsung’s Gear VR Browser dubbed ‘Samsung Internet for GearVR 1.0’ allows for added functionality including better VR video support and integration with the Samsung mobile browser for easy transition from a mobile experience into an immersive Gear VR experience. But the Korean giant intends to offer more than just the expected 360-degree photos, VR games, documentaries, and so on.

Samsung is looking to merge the VR game/social media experience with the web experience. Adding WebVR support to the Gear VR means that Samsung’s Internet for Gear VR will now allow you to browse the virtual reality experiences you find on the web, and not just the content provided by Samsung or present at the Oculus VR store.

Ideally, VR videos on anything that you’d like to stream should be supported, provided you enable the WebVR feature within your internet for Gear VR browser. So, make sure to do that before settling down to stream web content.

Samsung has warned users that the system may be faulty, as WebVR is yet to be a finished standard. Nevertheless, this is a big deal that not only helps to justify the existence of Gear VR browsing, but also gives you another reason to own the device.

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