Sabertron – Real Life Lightsaber (sort of)

If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Obi-Wan Kenobe – Jedi Knight


There is honestly nothing better, nothing more exciting (in the world of gadgets that is) coming in 2015 than this: The Sabertron. But don’t take our word for it; just ask the International Festival of Independent Games, IndieCade, who have made the Sabertron part of their 2014 Selection, because it’s just so exciting. Also ask just about any Star Wars fan who has ever tried to have a lightsaber fight with two discarded rolls of wrapping paper.

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The Sabertron is essentially the first ever working lightsaber (sort of) in that you can actually have real (sort of) fights with it. By including an electronic scoring system similar to those found in high-end fencing gear, and covering the “blade” of the sword in foam, the Sabertron allows you to finally make your Jedi dreams a reality.


Sabertron was invented by David Lynch, who first thought of the idea of electronic foam swords in 2009 when he was watching his children play video games. He decided to invent a new, interactive toy that would get pre-teens off the sofa and into the outside world.

The Sabertron swords are the first of their kind, which is why two highly successful Kickstarter campaigns in 2014 have catapulted the project to new heights (and closer to the public!) The campaigns raised a combined funding of $289,379. Since then, Sabertron has been featured by the Discovery Cannel, Engadget, TechCrunch, CNET, Re/code, IGN and here, on


You are able select between medieval or lightsword styles, as well as upgrade to illuminated blades (so it looks like a real Jedi sword!), rechargeable batteries, touch screen menus, Bluetooth syncing to your smartphone, and a premium grip.

Pre-order your Sabertron now for 2015 delivery, by visiting the company’s order page here. Starting price for an Apprentice pair of swords is $99,99 (£67,22 in December 2015).

*Sabretron, if you are reading this feel free to send us a demonstration pair 😉

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