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The Rip Curl GPS Smartwatch for Surfers

The Smartwatch craze has gained even more ground with the top surfing brand Rip Curl joining the growing list of manufacturers exploring the possibilities of wearable technology with their GPS Smartwatch designed specifically for the demands of the surfing world.

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The wearable device can be worn in water to record wave counts, track speed, distance & more  – at the 53rd Rip Curl Pro Surfing Contest with professional surfers sporting the gadget. And you can see the Search GPS Smartwatch in action in the following promotional clip, which features pro surfers Alana Blanchard and Mick Fanning:

The Smartwatch is using GPS technology to provide time and tide information at over 1,300 surf breaks globally at the touch of a button (and a glance at your wrist). All data recorded from your surf (paddle patterns, wave count, top speed and distance travelled) can be synchronised via Bluetooth to the Rip Curl Search App, which is created into visuals so that wearers can relive their best moments and share them online.

Rip Curl Search GPS

Campaign Brief reported that Shane Helm (Chairman of the Watches & Equipment Division at Rip Curl Australia) says that ability to view details on your surf instantly will push surfers to go faster, catch more waves, surf for longer and is ‘going to change everything’.

Details on the full specification are available on the dedicated Rip Curl page.

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