Kindle Voyage

Rest in Peace, Kindle Voyage

The Kindle Voyage is no more. Instead of being given a dignified send-off, Amazon quietly pulled the device from their store in July. Now, insider sources say it’s gone for good. Let’s take a minute to mourn this trusty e-reader, and look back on its lifespan with a tear in our collective eyes.

The Kindle Voyage was first launched back in 2014. At that time, Amazon’s e-reader line was caught between a rock and a hard place. The company’s Fire line of tablets was already up and running, which could do much more than the humble Kindle. But there was still a big market out there who didn’t want any bells and whistles added on. They just wanted to read their e-books on something that wasn’t quite as dated as the original Kindle or it’s bigger sibling, the Paperwhite. Enter the Voyage!

With a sleek design and glass screen, the Voyage brought a touch of class to the Kindle line. It also added a couple of buttons either side of the screen, to make turning pages that little bit easier. In short, it helped bring the e-reader up to date for the tablet era. We’d even say that without the Voyage, the entire Kindle range could well have died out completely.

Sadly, though, things simply weren’t to last. Just two years later, Amazon released the Kindle Oasis, which took the high-end feel of the Voyage even further. What’s more, the Oasis was only around £40 more than its predecessor. It didn’t make much sense for Amazon to offer so many variations of the Kindle line- especially when they could earn bigger profits on the Oasis. From that point on, the writing was on the wall for the poor old Voyage. In August 2018, it passed away peacefully, as Jeff Bezos switched off its life support to prevent any further suffering.

So goodbye, old friend. We hardly knew ye, but in the short time we had together, we learned to love your tactile turn buttons and strangely-shaped back panel. Sure, you may just have been a stepping-stone to the Oasis, but we loved you all the same. We raise a glass to you, Kindle Voyage- wherever you are now, we hope you’re at peace.

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