The MAID is here but do we really need a Smart Oven?

Everything Connected

The “internet of things” is a concept about the increasing connectivity of smart devices. Smart phones, fitness bands, smartwatches, thermostats, fridge-freezers and now, thanks to the Kickstarter funded MAID, ovens.

While we benefit greatly from the connectivity of many smart devices, do we really need an oven that will automatically set a cooking time and give us recipes then tell us when it’s finished?


It seems a bit of an unnecessary development in oven technology, possibly if it allowed the oven to be pre-heated remotely then it would have a marginal benefit. Also many, and I for one am in this group, consider cooking to be an art-form. There is little more satisfying than seeing a nearly empty fridge and still managing to create a wonderful meal out of the little you have.

No Competition

The MAID (Make All Incredible Dishes…..really), seems to have convinced enough people of it’s use by doubling it’s initial kickstarter goal of $50,000.

The developers of MAID are adamant this will be the next big thing and are not dissuaded by the lack of competition from the bigger companies (We have seen many concept ovens from these companies but nothing that has made it to production citing a lack of market interest).

More than just a chef

Not content with telling you how to cook your dishes, MAID can re-enforce all your eating and dietary issues and act as an omnipotent dietitian for you. Syncing with your phone or smart watch, MAID can make suggestions for meals that factor in your calorie intake and taste preferences, according to SectorQube, the company who produced the prototype. It will also suggest exercise to help burn off the calories you have eaten.



If you are convinced that a smart oven is for you, then you can still pick one up for $449 from their kickstarter page here or, for the ultra-trendy rich out there, you can fire your maid and get a the very first MAID for only $10000, bargain. Campaign ends on December 3rd.

I’ll be happy with my current oven with it’s most advanced feature being ability to heat food…..most of the time.


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