Point – A Home Security System Preview

Simple Home Security

Point is a new take on home security, a little less tin-foil hat style than some of the more extreme and invasive products out there.

Point, from Form Device inc. takes a simple approach. A small an unassuming device that can be secreted anywhere in the room for it to listen and track air temperature to help detect window breakages, alarms, smoke in the house and other events out of the ordinary.

Working over a wifi connection and with an associated app, you can tell Point exactly how to notify you of any specific events and keep track of the various information it collects.

Point – Much smarter than you think

point home securityAlthough very simple by design, don’t mistake simplicity for utility. In true Scandinavian style, they have managed to fit a lot of features in a very small and tidy product. From the kickstarter description, these are the may features and function for the point home security system;

Sound & Presence. Point listens, analyses what it hears and tells you about the things you care about. Since all analysis is done on the device, no sound is recorded or sent across the network (which should appease those who keep a tin-foil hat close by).

Friendly Reminders. You can set Point to glow yellow when the volume goes above thresholds you set, reminding guests to be considerate with neighbors in the early hours.

Air. Point’s innovative sensor technology allows it to recognize things like smoke, cigarette fumes and other common home hazards.

Temperature.  Point has your back and comes equipped with a temperature sensor so that you can check your heating is doing what it’s supposed to do (Helpful to indicate heating problems)

Humidity: Point can sense elevated humidity levels in the air. This could indicate a major water leak from broken pipes, blocked ventilation systems or a jungle taking over your bedroom. Keeping an eye on humidity can help you prevent problems with mold and moisture.

Tampering: Point notices if it’s has been moved and tampered with.

Wireless: Point comes with a  WiFi chipset, letting it operate without a base station. You can place it anywhere in your house where your smartphone has WiFi coverage.

Actually Wireless: Point does all its magic using regular, replaceable batteries. It should last for more than a year under normal conditions with the included batteries.

Installation: Point takes an instant to install. You place a metal plate with double-sided tape (or a screw if you prefer) to your ceiling or wall. Point then attaches with magnets. No more fumbling on stairs, just toss Point towards the ceiling and it’ll probably stick (don’t actually do this, unless you are a really good shot. Even then, probably don’t do this, but if you do put it on youtube, but don’t do it, OK)


In this day in age of being bombarded with information, I feel that Point is a wonderful idea in simplifying things again. Easy to use interface and does exactly what it says with very little setup needed.

You can pick one up via their kickstarter site for here for $99, but expect to pay more once it hits retail.

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