petTracer – GPS Tracking for Cats

petTracer: GPS Tracking for Cats

Here Kitty Kitty

Cat owners love their precious pets. They share a bond with their animals that people who don’t have cats simply do not understand. And despite the aloof, often indifferent nature of most cats, their owners insist on spoiling them. The problem, however, is that cats want to wander and explore. They don’t care much about the brand new scratching post or the new toys — they want to go out and walk their territory. Cats are also fast, and they hate being tethered on a leash. As a result, pet cats go missing all the time, and if they don’t want to be found, they won’t be. However, with PetTracer, cat owners now have a new edge in finding their runaway kitty.

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petTracer – A GPS Collar For Feline Friends

pettracerThe PetTracer looks like an ordinary cat collar. It has an easy-open quick release clasp and a ring for a bell or tag. It’s lightweight at only 25 grams. But of course, this is not ordinary collar. This is a GPS-enabled smart collar that can tell you where your cat is, even when you think he or she is lost.

The PetTracer syncs with an app on your smartphone, giving you all sorts of information about your cat’s movement. You can learn where your kitty goes and know where he or she is if you want to do a little checking up. The app allows you to define a safe area, and it will send you a notification if your cat ventures outside of it. It even analyses your cat’s activity from a fitness perspective. Plus, with up to four weeks of battery life, you’ll never have to worry about the signal fading before your kitty comes home.

Almost Ready

The devotion of cat owners is truly a force to be reckoned with, and the PetTracer’s hugely successful Indiegogo campaign (in which they raised over $100,000 USD!) is a testament to that. User tests are slated to begin in February of 2015, and the first units are expected to ship in 2016.

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