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Today marks the first new product form Pebble since their initially successful Pebble Smartwatch in 2013.

Since launch the Pebble has sold over 1 million units worldwide, and is the most adopted smartwatch on the market to date. It makes sense that with the impending launch from Apple, that Pebble step it up a gear and show the world why they are the number one smartwatch manufacturer.

Pebble Time

Pebble time is the next generation of the Pebble smartwatch. Even though it features a full colour screen, the Pebble Time still boasts a 7 day battery life, thanks to the colour screen being an e-ink display.


In addition to the colour display, the Pebble Time allows you to record quick voice memos and replies to compatible apps. So if you have a call coming through you can quickly leave them a message that you’ll call them back (or to go away depending on who’s calling) Hopefully this may mean taking calls on the new watch with a future upgrade, only time will tell (sorry, I’ve been trying to fit that phrase in since I decided to write this article)

Back in Time

Thankfully the Pebble Time will be fully compatible with the 6500 apps currently available for the original smartwatch. This means you can keep all your settings from the previous generation, while enjoying them in glorious colour. No doubt there will be updates for these apps to make the most of the new setting.

Tempus Fugit

The interface for the Pebble time has been updated, this update will carry on to the older generations soon. Based on a timeline, you can easily scroll through notifications based on when they occurred.

For example, you scroll back to see the emails and messages you missed, or scroll ahead to see what you have planned for the rest of the day/week. A great idea and can’t wait to give it a shot in the near future.

For more information check out the kickstarter page here

Expect a more in-depth review once we get our hands on one of these exciting new devices


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