Pantelligent: Smart Frying Pan

Cooking Is Hard

On TV, professional chefs make it look so easy. Just jack up the heat, toss a few things in a pan, flip it dramatically, and voila — a meal fit for a king. However, when you try the same things at home, the results are often lackluster and disappointing. Let’s face it: cooking is hard! There are so many variables. How hot is the pan? When should things be flipped? Is this chicken done? What’s the cooking temperature of a frying pan, anyway? If you’ve found yourself asking these questions as you whip up yet another unimpressive meal, you might want to check out Pantelligent, a smart frying pan that pairs with a smart phone app to make all of your dishes turn out perfectly, every time.

Pantelligent Is Easy

The Pantelligent smart pan is like a GPS for your dinner. When synced with the app (which happens with just a simple tap — there’s no setup or pairing necessary), Pantelligent offers up a list of recipes from which to choose, tracks the temperature of the pan, and then calls out the steps you need to follow. Follow the steps as directed, and your result will be a great meal every time you cook.

If you’re not exactly a novice cook and you don’t necessarily need Pantelligent’s recipe book, you can record your own recipe on the app. Next time you want to cook that same thing, Pantelligent can help you recreate every step. This will ensure that your famous dish turns out equally spectacular every time you prepare it.

An In-Demand Device

Pantelligent has wrapped up a pretty successful Kickstarter campaign in which it raised twice its goal. Clearly, this is a wanted device. The price is just under $200 USD — a bit steep for a single ordinary pan, but not much more than a high quality frying pan that doesn’t even have smart capabilities. While the product is still in development, the first units are expected to ship in August of 2015.

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