No.1 G2 Watch The Cheapest Real Smartwatch You Can Buy

No.1 G2 Watch: The Cheapest Real Smartwatch You Can Buy

Despite a shaky beginning, it is seems like the smartwatch industry is finally taking off. Big names like Apple and Samsung have led the surging wave as millions of people try the novel devices. But alongside the giants, smaller players have also tried to make a decent splash with their own products. One such example is the No. 1 G2 Watch.

While it has no standout features, the G2 Watch has one thing that sets it apart from the crowd; its price. Going for around $100 (and as low as $40 in some places), this is just about the cheapest smartwatch (there are other cheap smartwatches, but mostly with less features) you can lay your hands on. It will not wow your friends or do amazing stuff but for its price, it is not too bad.

If “not too bad” is good enough for you, read on. If not, maybe the the Xiaomi Smartwatch is worth the wait.

No.1 G2 Watch price when reviewed: $75.00


G2 Watch – An Overview

NO.1 G2 watchIf you are short of time, this section should give you a quick look-through of the No.1 G2 smartwatch. For a more comprehensive and thorough review, follow us along further below as we go through its best features and lay out the specs.

We are going to start off with a brutally honest statement; if you are looking for a fancy, feature-full smartwatch, you are not going to find it in the No.1 G2 Watch. However, if you are looking for a cheap entry level gadget to introduce you to the world of Smartwatches, this is it. It is simple enough to warrant the low price tag but good enough to give you a taste of the new tech gadgets hitting the market from Silicon Valley to China.

Another area where the Smartwatch makes a decent attempt is in health and fitness. This is one area that most smartwatch manufacturers are focusing on, providing a range of fitness-focused features such as heart rate sensors and calorie counters. The G2 comes with a heart rate sensor and pedometer, which, while they are not designed for the pro athlete, will offer some help in staying fit.

In terms of connectivity, the G2 Watch depends primarily on Bluetooth to connect to your Smartphone. As for memory, it does not really offer much in terms of capacity. But you can at least look forward to the integrated camera, though do not bother taking any pictures in low light.

Unlike most wearables that come with Android Wear, the No.1 G2 Watch is equipped with a proprietary OS known as LinkIt. It will not give you the variety of Android Wear or the smooth operation of WatchOS, but it is a decent smartwatch experience all round. In the box, you will find the smartwatch itself, a USB data transfer cable and a charging cradle.

Using It

The G2 smartwatch has a fairly simple user interface with easy to understand menus and friendly operations. Boot the watch by long pressing the home button. This will bring up a watch face consisting of time, date, pedometer, settings and a shortcut for the camera. When you swipe left, the screen brings on several more pages of various functions. To go back to the default watch face, press the home button again. Press it again to turn off the display.

Despite its price, the interface is quite good, with responsive touch and swipe operations. The user experience is smooth, with no frustrating lags.

Go to the Bluetooth menu to connect to your Smartphone. Once you connect via Bluetooth, a pre-installed app, MediaTek SmartDevice, gives you access to plenty of features and capabilities. Note that your Smartphone needs to install an app before you can sync things like calls and notifications. The smartwatch works with both Android and iPhone.


1. Design

If you have been around Smartwatches long enough, you will immediately recognize the G2 Watch as a design rip off from Samsung Gear 2. Everything from the shape of the display to the tapering edges and even the button placement is an excellent copy of Samsung’s work on the Gear 2. In fact, if you were to place them side by side, you would have a hard time telling one from the other. Well, at least they have picked a great product to mimic.

The display consists of a 240 x 240 pixels TFT touch screen. The TFT technology is cheap and old, so expect a poor viewing experience at some angles and in sunlight. While you will mostly control the watch using the touch screen, a large home button along the bottom edge provides additional options. The body itself is stainless steel, giving somewhat of a luxury look. The strap is also stainless steel with an easy to use clasp allowing quick removal or adjustment to fit your hand size. This mostly metal build gives the G2 Watch a solid hefty feel.

The bottom is dominated by a large home button with the speakers and microphone on the sides. The 0.3MP camera is located along the top edge.

Overall, the G2 mimics the sleek and luxury look Samsung Gear 2. At first glance, no one can tell that it is a sub $100 smartwatch.

2. Basic Smartwatch Features

The smartwatch comes with range of basic features. They include;

  • Calculator
  • Time, date and calendar
  • Alarm
  • Flashlight
  • Camera and video recorder
  • Sleep monitor
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Phonebook and call logs.
  • Infrared sensor. You can use it as a TV remote control, though with just one or two functions.

3. Connectivity

The No.1 G2 Smartwatch does not shine brightest in regards to connectivity. It can only connect to your phone via Bluetooth 4.0. It is not equipped with Wi-Fi nor can it connect to other devices such as fitness sensors. But this is understandable considering the ridiculously low price. It also does not support GPS connectivity, meaning you cannot use it for directions and mapping.

So, what capabilities does this connection get you?

  1. Push notifications for call, alerts, SMS and email. You can set the phone to alert you via vibration or an audible sound through the speakers. For calls, you have the option of accepting them right there on your smartwatch.
  2. Music streaming from your Smartphone. The very limited internal memory means you cannot store any music on the watch. But the music player works perfectly at streaming from your Smartphone.
  3. Remote camera control. Through the corresponding app on your phone, you can control the camera on your watch.
  4. A “Find My Phone” feature for those times you have misplaced your Smartphone and cannot find it.

One thing you realize is that the watch is pretty useless without the Bluetooth connection. Without Bluetooth, your phone retains only its very basic features such as calendar and alarm. It becomes harder to call it a smartwatch.

4. Battery Life

As with many other aspects of the G2 Watch, do not expect much from its battery life. The watch is equipped with a 350mAh Li-polymer battery. The most you will get out of the battery is when Bluetooth is off. Without Bluetooth – leaving you with just the basic features – the watch can easily last for 3 to 5 days. You can switch to the power saving mode to get a few extra hours.

With Bluetooth on, you will be lucky to get even one full day. It could last a full day if you are not doing anything. But if you are frequently taking calls and streaming music, you had better carry your charging cradle with you.

Again, this is not so much of a surprise considering that this is a very basic smartwatch that is already doing quite well for its price.

5. Memory

The G2 Watch really sticks to the basics when it comes to memory. It has 32MB RAM and just 128MB of internal memory. So do not expect to store hours of video or a whole playlist of your favorite hits. But it is enough for basic operations that come with the watch.

6. Camera and Video Recorder

The fact that the G2 has a camera is quite a surprise. Not even Apple Watch has installed a camera on its smartwatch. But that is as far as the surprise goes. We are being generous when we call the camera fairly good. To start off, the camera is just 0.3MP. While more megapixels are not an indication of better photo quality, a really low figure does not help matters.

Taking photos with the G2 Smartwatch camera is certainly a novelty but the photos will not be a treat for the eye. They are extremely low resolution, over exposed, fuzzy and honestly, just unpleasant. If you have to take a picture and you do not have your phone with you, maybe then it could be somewhat useful. In most cases however, you will have no need for the camera.

It’s not just pictures you can take with the camera, you can also record videos. Putting aside the fact that the videos will be of terrible quality, there is no space large enough for more than a few videos. Whether for still pictures of videos, you will find your Smartphone a much better tool.

7. Health and Fitness

We are not expecting too much from this smartwatch in regards to health and fitness. After all, this requires expensive technology and additional sensors installed in the watch. But it is not completely lacking. Underneath, they have installed a heart rate sensor. It is helpful in tracking your heart rate, and can be especially beneficial during workouts.

The watch also has a pedometer, useful for counting your steps. Wellness experts recommend taking 10,000 steps a day to combat lifestyle health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes.  With the pedometer on the No.1 G2 smartwatch, you can easily check whether you are hitting your 10,000 goal daily.

Combined with the heart rate sensor, you can get a pretty useful overview of how health and fit you are.

Quick Specs

  • Mediatek MT2502A chipset with LinkIt OS.
  • A 1.54 inch TFT screen. This translates to 240X240 pixels. The watch face itself measures 28 cm x 3.7 cm x 1 cm.
  • Screen made from sapphire glass, which is durable and resistant to scratches.
  • Rated as IP67, which translates into considerable dust and water protection. But considering the price and overall quality of the watch, we would not be so quick to exposed it to either dust or water. While it is rated safe from water submersion, our recommendation is not to test it
  • Weighs around 111 grams or 3.92 oz.
  • 0.3 MP camera.
  • Bluetooth 4.0.
  • 3 hours talk time, 70 hours standby time.
  • Multilanguage. The interface supports several languages including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Price and Availability

The pricing of the No.1 G2 Smartwatch is quite varied depending on where you buy it. The main distribution company seems to be GearBest, where they state the regular price to be $113.43. Usually however, you can get the watch for below $100, sometimes as low as $40. This site allows you to choose several band options including leather, orange, coffee, stainless steel and black.

The price changes depending on the strap design you opt for. For instance, the watch with a stainless steel silver band will cost you $51.84 while one with leather goes for $48.

On Amazon you can get it for $80 while other websites are retailing it at $60. You can check around different stores to find the cheapest offer. Some places may also be offering it under different brand names.

No.1 G2 Watch price when reviewed: $75.00


A Cheap Entry Level Smartwatch

Unless you have been living under a rock, or in a remote island, you know how much of a wildfire the smartwatch industry has become. It has spread rapidly, with numerous new players entering the market with their own offerings.

The No.1 G2 Watch is by no means a cutting edge product. It has very basic features with plenty of limitations. But as an entry level smartwatch, it is quite impressive. It has managed to pack a suprising amount of capabilities in an under-$100 smartwatch.

Popular brands such as Apple Watch and Samsung Gear will cost you several hundred dollars. At the bottom of the ladder where manufacturers are creating Samsung and Apple lookalikes, the No.1 G2 smartwatch leads the pack.

If you are looking for an innovative, feature-packed product, this is not it. But if what you want is a basic smartwatch to get your foot inside the wearables trend, then this is a product we heartily recommend.

What do you think of the G2 Smartwatch? Would you get one for yourself? Leave your comment below.

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