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3 Smart Toys For Your Kids To Enjoy

Stuck for ideas on what to buy the most important child in your life? You won’t be after you take a look at these three new smart toys that wowed audiences at the recent international toy fair in New York, and set to take the world by storm.

The WikiBear – an intelligent teddy for inquisitive young minds

The WikiBearAlthough similar in appearance to ‘Ted’ and a talking bear; the WikiBear is a child-friendly soft-toy that syncs to your Smartphone via Bluetooth and app. Your child can ask the bear questions and the app will scour the web and return filtered child-friendly answers. Wiki-Bear can also crack jokes, remember names and share his interests as he develops a relationship with the owner. The prototype voice that was on show on Toy Fair will supposedly get an update before the launch date, and price will be somewhere around £50.

Power-up smart paper aeroplane

Power-up smart paper aeroplaneWho hasn’t experienced the joy of folding up a piece of paper, launching it into the sky, and watching it glide through the air? Now you can take it one step further by giving Smartphone controlled flight to your home-made paper aeroplane with Power-Up. Simply attach the smart module to your aircraft, start the app and set throttle to full and launch it into flight. Tilt your phone to steer it left or right and adjust the throttle to make it go up or down.

WowWee RoboMe

WowWee RoboMeRoboMe™ is an intuitive robot that allows users to create a personalised avatar, which uses the power of your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can further customise your robot to respond to certain stimuli via the in-built sensors (e.g. dance whenever someone shakes his hand) and can be controlled either by voice commands or with an included remote control.

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