New Google Glass in 2015

New Glass

Google Glass has been available for sometime now however, due to it’s cost, a mere fraction of the population are using them (and a smaller fraction of those on a regular basis). As expected Google, along with partners Intel, are updating their polarising device in an attempt to give it a popularity boost and make it more efficient

The Google Glass has already have a few, albeit minor, updates over it’s lifetime (RAM upgrades, compatibility with prescription lenses). The move with Intel, however, signals a more major overhaul of the wearable device.


Intel Inside

The hopes are that the new Intel architecture will result in a superior battery life and lower cost of the product. A four figure price tag for a device that barely lasts a day is wildly prohibitive. However, at least for the moment, Google is not aiming for the consumer market with Glass, instead they are pushing towards workplace use. Hospitals, rescue services, Police and many other similar services are looking to employ google glass in the future to improve efficiency and record keeping.

The finer details of the Intel architecture are yet to be revealed, however it is likely that the low-power processor found Intel’s MICA bracelet will be the culprit. The most enticing aspect of the new architecture will certainly be the incase to battery life.

We will bring more on the new-age Google Glass as it develops.

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