MyDream Swift introducing VR conversion software for its old Steam Content

MyDream Swift is looking to introduce VR software that will allow gamers to continue enjoying their favourite Steam, non-VR content in immersive virtual reality.

MyDream Swift Virtual Reality Software

The launch dates of virtual reality headsets such as the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift are fast approaching, and they will be accompanied by the release of plenty of amazing VR gaming content. This is great news, but for gamers with full Steam libraries, it is unfortunate that they won’t be able to enjoy their favourite content once they put the headsets on.

But this may not necessarily be the case as MyDream Swift is looking to bring the old Steam non-VR content into the next gen of gaming with its conversion software that brings experiences like Borderlands and Battlefield into immersive virtual reality.

The software is optimised for the first-person shooter-style POV experiences, though you can try it with other popular games such as DX9 or DX11. The app features a cinema-mode for the non-FPS titles that may feel wonky in VR due to the camera perspectives, so gamers have a “near distant” virtual screen setup to view and enjoy familiar titles within the VR headset.

The software is rather simple, though it converts games with lossless quality and maintains 90hz render times so the content looks smooth.

You can pre-order MyDream Swift now for $29.99, though it will be available for download from March 28, together with MyDream VR – the company’s newest iteration of its namesake gaming title – in the same package.

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