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Mobile World Congress Day One Wrap-up – MWC 2015

MWC 2015

So MWC 2015 has open it’s doors on the first official day, mobiles, smartwatches and tablets are the order of the day. We take a look at the three most interesting products from day one.

Samsung Galaxy S6 (and 6 Edge)

I can’t talk about MWC and not mention the two flagship phones from Samsung (although technically revealed on Day Zero).

With the pricing issues and limited release of the Note Edge, the biggest surprise was the inclusion of an S6 variant of an Edge device. While everyone expected the S6, not all of us were expecting the S6 Edge to make an appearance.

galaxy s6

Both phones pack a QHD 5.1” display, the difference being the Edge phone has no bezel. The screen wraps, ever so slightly, around the sides of the phone.

The big change for all previous Samsung models, is the fact there is no plastic involved in the chassis. Made entirely out of metal and Gorilla Glass 4, this is the most premium feeling handset that will be on the market (yes I include Apple in this).

Something else that they take from apple, and this is not in my eyes a good thing, is a lack of SD Card and removable battery. While this helps keep the slick look, many android fans will possibly shy away from the S6 due to this lack of expandability.

Time will tell if this pays off for Samsung.

Xperia Z4 Tablet

While we were hoping to see a new Xperia phone today, Sony decided to field it’s iPad killer (and for once I actually mean that term). The Xperia Z4 tablet.

The Sony tablet has a premium look to it, coupled with the fact it is incredibly light (under 400g), making it a pleasure to use and certainly a tablet that can be used for extended periods of time.


Sony have went for a 2K display (1920 x 1200 pixels) continues to showcase the premium nature of the device.

Under the hood the Z4 has a Snapdragon 810 and 3GB of RAM to help it power through anything that is thrown at it. Speaking of throwing, as with all recent Xperia devices, the Z4 is fully waterproof. So, if the mood takes you, you can chuck it in the bath with you and catchup with the latest shows (or your favourite blog)

HTC Vive

Not to be outdone by Samsun and their 2nd generation Galaxy Gear VR. HTC has thrown their own gauntlet into the Virtual Reality battleground.

Unlike Samsung’s effort, the HTC Vive will not need a smartphone to function as a brain and screen. Instead it will work on the SteamVR operating system and connect to a PC for all the processing it needs.


This could be one of the first VR headsets to make it mainstream. The combination of the popular Steam platform, low price (expected) and the lack of needing a specific phone, will make this a contender to be the first headset to go truly mainstream.

MWC 2015 continues through until March 5th. Come back tomorrow for more from the show.


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