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Moff – The Wearable Smart Band that Turns Anything Into a Toy

The idea behind Moff is really quite ingenious, and one that has found support among parents with their Kickstarter goal of $20,000 reached within 48 hours (almost 2 weeks on and the total pledged so far is almost triple their initial target). So what is Moff? It’s a smart band that a child can wear on his or her wrist so that they can turn pretty much anything they pick up into a toy; inspiring creative play and that encourages children’s amazing capacity for imagination.

How will the Moff Band work?

Moff BandThe Moff band features a slap band design and connects to your iOS device via Bluetooth 4.0. Integrated into the colourful band are a 3 axis acceleration sensor, 3 axis gyro sensor, and a button with LED.

There will be a variety of games and interactive play apps available from the Moff app market; their promotional video highlights examples, such as tennis, an air guitar and a magic wand, but the potential is limitless. When paired with the compatible app the sensors make sense of the bands movements to provide matching sound effects for the selected game.

For instance, when playing tennis – a swinging arm movement will be accompanied by the sound of an imaginary ball being struck and soaring over the net. For a demonstration of the Moff Band take a look at their video. Moff is  compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
Moff Band

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