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Mobile World Congress Day Four Wrap-up – MWC 2015

Things we’re slowing down a little as we approached the final day of MWC 2015. The cool toys were already old news and some companies we’re getting ready to pack up and move to the next big show (SXSW no doubt).

Today was a mostly technical day, with news of operating systems and faster mobile speeds. Here are the top three stories from the last day at the show

1Tb Speeds with 5G

Yes, you read that right. A staggering 1Tb download speed was achieve by samsung researchers using their version of 5G technology earlier this year. At MWC 2015, this was something we were all wanting to hear more about.

While the aforementioned speed was under lab conditions, the future of 5G is looking exciting. Set for a soft-launch in asia by 2018, 5G will promise to revolutionise communications. The speeds reported could signal an end to land-based communications. Ultimately the idea is to have a unified architecture for all communications (voice, data, satellites etc.) to operate under the 5G banner, this may be a little far fetched but a unified communications system would be an invaluable idea


Samsung’s proprietary operating system, Tizen, is becoming a regular feature on their current line-up of smart TVs, here at MWC 2015 the company show cased it’s Z1 smartphone running the OS.

Aimed at the low/mid-range, this is a way for Samsung to develop cut-price mobiles for use in the developing world. The design us not too dissimilar to Android, and those coming from the Google OS will find the switch an easy one to make. The interface was nice and snappy, although the camera lagged somewhat, but it was an otherwise great performance and should do well in emerging markets.

Ubuntu OS

Android was developed with the heart and soul of linux, open source and easily modifiable. There have been a couple of attempts at a full-blown Linux mobile OS with varying levels of success (or failure to be more apt). Ubuntu used MWC 2015 to show how far the development of their OS is coming along, and I’m glad to report that it’s looking good.

The model on show was the BQ Aquaris E4.5, quite clearly a low-end model and missing the sheen of a better quality, it was certainly a step in the right direction. The OS is smooth and easy to learn and it has the benefit of the open source nature that will allow other developers to make the most out of it. There is still room to grow for Ubuntu OS, but it may be the linux mobile OS we’ve been waiting for

Stay tuned next week for an in-depth review of some of the best tech from MWC 2015 as well as GDC 2015


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