Misfit Team Up with BaubleBar to Bring You Wearable Jewellery

Days after agreeing to be acquired by watchmaker Fossil Group for $260 million, Misfit Wearables has announced yet another partnership with jewellery maker BaubleBar to bring you fashion jewelleries that at the same time function as fitness trackers.

A couple of jewellery-cum-fitness trackers have been modelled already and Misfit is hoping to have them released before the festive season. The Helena Bracelet and Helena Necklace, according to Misfit’s official website, will be among the earliest products to be made available with the release date set for November 29.

Misfit has also announced a plan to remodel some of its old products into something ‘more jewellery-like’. The famous Misfit Flash is one of the products being worked on, and customers from next year should expect something flashier, more like a gold locket with crystal pattern.

Misfit has been one of the most promising companies in the fast-growing wearable industry, and its absorption by Fossil Group hasn’t derailed its ambitions one bit.

While partnering with BaubleBar may seem like a smart move to stay relevant in such a chock-a-block market, it could also be the first step towards an aesthetic overhaul of these overly ‘geeky’ musts.

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