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The Microsoft Lumia

Introducing the Microsoft Lumia

Microsoft makes a return to the mobile phone market with it’s their first post-Nokia offering, the Microsoft Lumia 535.

While most of us have fond memories of the old Nokia phones that were virtually indestructible, we bid a fond farewell to the Finnish phones for good as Microsoft unveil the Microsoft Lumia 535.

Microsoft purchased the former mobile giants, Nokia, back in 2013 with a bid to get a foothold in the Apple/Samsung held mobile phone market. Ensuring all Nokia’s shipped with Windows mobile was the first step, today they took the final step and announced the first Microsoft branded mobile phone. The Microsoft Lumia 535


Microsoft Lumia

Microsoft didn’t move too far from the design Nokia has been using for their final years in the mobile market. Looking at the Lumia 535, you can tell immediately that it is, or was, a Nokia smartphone. The simple design with the familiar Windows layout will comfort the Nokia fans who can see their old friend in this new phone.

An entry-level effort feels like Microsoft are just wanting to dip their toe in the water for now. The phone is, however, no slouch for the lower end market.

Packing a quad-core 1.2 Ghz processor and a comfortable 1GB of ram, couple with a 5MP camera on the rear and, for the selfie lovers, a similar 5MP camera on the front. The Microsoft Lumia 535 is not one to disappoint, especially at the sub £100 mark.

Packed with the Office 365, Cortana and a whole host of Microsoft services (Skype included). This will likely be make a big impact on the low end market and give Microsoft some penetration in the mobile market.

The Future

It’s likely that Microsoft will keep their hat in the low/mid range phones in order to get a foothold and a comfortable market share. However I imagine at the next IFA, or around that time, Microsoft will bring out something special to serve notice to Apple and Samsung.

The Noki…sorry…Microsoft Lumia 535 is expecting to shop Q1 2015 for £99

Keep your eyes peeled for our look back at Nokia over the years.


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