New HoloLens augmented reality app for 3D Viewing

Microsoft recently introduced Actiongram, a new HoloLens augmented reality app that allows users to create 3D characters in their AR stories.

What to expect from the new HoloLens augmented reality app

As Microsoft prepares to start shipping the $3,000 Development Edition of its HoloLens AR headset at the end of this month, the company is beginning to show off some of its first augmented reality apps for content creation.

The Actiongram app allows you to create augmented reality stories by placing holograms of objects, characters, and effects in your field of view and then capturing them in action.

Microsoft says that the app is intended to help creators develop humorous content that can be shared online, though it may also be used for instructional or educational storytelling.

Below is a video demonstrating how you can choose from a range of characters and props, scale them, place them in your scene (like living room or backyard), animate them, and then record them.

Besides showing off the capabilities of the app, Microsoft hopes to show developers that it is not challenging to develop software for HoloLens like Actiongram, which was developed in only six months by a five-person team (requires just about the same amount of work as developing any mobile platform).

Developers should be access Actiongram in the Windows Store starting this summer.

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