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carrie-slavenCarrie is a Glasgow based health and fitness blogger who has a particular interest in wearable technology. She loves testing out the latest fitness trackers and has become something of a tech geek since starting her blogging for Appcessories.

Instagram @techgirlcarrie


Indre Hilara

Indre is a Product Designer/Photographer and she loves technology, multimedia and Marketing. Read about it / build it / try it. Big brand names are not going to impress her, she is always looking for quality.

Instagram @appcessoriesuk


stephanie rose

Stephanie Rose is a Glasgow based lifestyle and technology blogger. With a strong interest in fashionable technology, she is always on the look out for the sleekest tech to effortlessly integrate into daily life. If you ever need her, just swing by the Glasgow office and look for the curly girl glued to her iPhone.

Facebook @appcessoriesuk


CraigCraig has been writing for appcessories since the very beginning, and has built up a veritable wealth of knowledge on all sorts of technology. You’re in safe hands when it comes to finding out about the latest features, and trying to find the riff from the raff. He lives in Glasgow, and spends his free time pursuing interests in music, amateur street photography, and procrastinating on Instagram.

Twitter @appcessoriesuk

MaxMax is the Senior Editor at Appcessories and a regular contributor with a keen eye on new inventions and is always one step ahead when it comes to technology. An avid proponent of Android, he never grows tired of arguing its benefits over Apple’s iOS.

Twitter @appcessoriesuk

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