Manus set to introduce the first VR Glove Controllers

Manus VR glove controllers work with HTC’s Vive headset and the positional tracking system by Valve Lighthouse to let consumers use their hands as game controllers.

More Experience with Manus’ VR Glove Controllers

One of the things that set virtual reality apart from mobile offerings is the ability for consumers to interact with the environment using handheld controllers. Now, the Dutch firm, Manus, intends to take you closer to the action by developing gloves that allow you to use your hands more naturally in virtual reality experiences.

Manus gloves are wireless, washable, and come with wrist mounts for Vive controllers. They’re the first game gloves specifically built for VR, and use a combination of high-tech sensors contained inside the glove to track hand movements.

When used in a game being developed by Manus in-house called Pillow’s Willow, gamers will be able to use the gloves to manipulate small objects, catch insects in mid-air, and even play a piano.

These wearable controllers are compatible with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and PC games. They also feature a built-in vibration motor for tactical feedback, plus a single full-charge will give you 8-hours of battery life.

With Vive and a capable PC costing you around $2,000, the Manus’ VR Globe developer kit will set you back another $250. You can pre-order your kid starting in Q2 this year, though the company won’t start shipping until Q3, 2016.

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  1. mrx

    VR Gloves along with VR games which are coming soon as Mark Zuckerburg announced, will change the VR gaming and people will be loving to adopt this technology. I have been trying some new brands of VR glasses and I believe I will get these VR gloves as well.

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