Turn it Up! The 11 Loudest BlueTooth Speakers 2016 Marshall Woburn

Turn it Up! The 11 Loudest BlueTooth Speakers 2017

When you’ve got a party going, the right music can really set the mood. You spend time curating all the right songs and creating the best possible playlist, and you want your music to be played loud enough for everyone to hear. However, a lot of BlueTooth speakers simply can’t handle the volume necessary for bigger group. That’s why we looked into finding the loudest BlueTooth speakers so that can play your music really loud.

Loudest BlueTooth Speakers – Play it Loud!

With these products, you can turn up your EDM, your metal, your hip hop and R&B and rock and roll or whatever it is you want to listen to, and you can be assured that everyone will hear it. We’ve listed our range of the loudest Bluetooth speakers for you below, from most affordable to most extravagant, so no matter what your budget may be, there’s a loud BlueTooth speaker here for you.

Get ready — instead of a top ten, this list goes to 11 loudest Blueooth speakers.

1. X-Mini 3

loudest bluetooth speaker X-Mini 3It’s promoted as an “unbelievably loud” speaker, and while we actually can believe the decibel put out by this little device (around 80), it is still quite impressive for its size. So yes, the X-Mini 3 is super small, at just 61mm by 50mm. It fits in the palm of your hand and is seriously smaller than a shot glass. Don’t be fooled by its minuscule size, though: this is a surprisingly powerful speaker.

It will definitely play loud, and while there is some distortion on the upper end of the volume dial, it’s not prohibitively bad. Plus, twisting up the bass Xpansion will give you more low end if that’s your thing. And you get all this for the surprisingly low price of £22.85 (though it can often be found for under £20 if you poke around a bit).

Other specs: the X-Mini 3 has a six hour battery life and a ten-foot BlueTooth range. It won’t fill a large space with music all on its own, but if you buy a few of these loudest BlueTooth speakers, you can daisy chain them to fill a bigger space. The X-Mini 3 on its own maybe isn’t for big outdoor parties, but for small outdoor gatherings or perhaps a dinner party, it’s a good choice for anyone on a tight budget.

x-mini.com | Buy on Amazon

2. G-Project G-BOOM Boombox Speaker

G-Project G-BOOM Boombox SpeakerThe G-BOOM looks like a mid-1980s boom box, complete with a handle on top so you can carry it around on your shoulder like a real old school b-boy (or girl), but don’t be fooled: these are 21st Century loudest BlueTooth speakers that can deliver a big, loud sound. It’s got two tweeters, two woofers, and two bass ports for full range and lots of volume. Yes, there’s a little distortion if you crank it up too much (a common problem among the most loudest Bluetooth speakers under the £150 mark), and the audio quality definitely isn’t as crisp as the more expensive speakers on our list, but the bass is impressive, and it can definitely fill a room with good sound.

True to its boombox-like design, there are playback control buttons right on the top. A full charge will last about six hours, which seems to be standard for speakers in this price range. Oh, and it has a USB port on the back to charge your phone (but not itself — that happens via a wall adapter). The G-BOOM’s 30 foot loudest BlueTooth speakers range will get you pretty far. It’s sort of a no-frills speaker in a nice package, but for the price ($99, or about £75), it’s a device that will satisfy most people who just want to listen to their music, and listen to it loud.

gprojectgear.com | See bluetooth speakers on Amazon

3. VAVA Voom Portable BlueTooth Speaker

VAVA Voom Portable BlueTooth SpeakerThe VAVA Voom (yes, it’s fun to say!) is a range of loudest BlueTooth speakers, and while there’s a bit of noise in the background if you pay close attention, it’s nothing you can’t live with, especially given how loud this thing is. It pumps out sound through two tweeters, two woofers, and two passive radiators, and it will tell you with a beep when you’re at top volume.

One of the more original features on the VAVA Voom is its three distinct EQ modes. There’s a standard audio mode, of course, but there’s also a party mode that’s louder with more bass, plus a surround sound mode that seems to make the sound more omnidirectional. The options are helpful, and it’s easy enough to toggle between the three.

As for charging, it can be juiced up via wall charger or a USB, though the USB will take more than twice as long. The USB port can also charge your phone. The battery should last you about ten hours, which is helpful if you’re listening all day. The design of the VAVA Voom is sleek yet unassuming, and should blend in with any decor. It retails for £109.99, though it can often be found for well under £100.

vava.com | Buy on Amazon

4. OontZ Angle 3XL

OontZ Angle 3XL loudest bluetooth speakersA wonderfully clean sound, big volume, tons of bass, and a funky design is what you get with the OontZ Angle 3XL. With two drivers, two tweeters, and three passive radiators, this speaker puts out a full sound with lots of bottom. True, there’s not as much clarity as some higher end and loudest Bluetooth speakers, but the quality is more than acceptable to the average listener.

The Angle 3XL is also a highly durable product: it’s water resistant (though not fully waterproof), so it’s great for outdoor parties. There’s a USB port on the back to keep your phone juiced up, and if you invest in a second Angle 3XL, you can create a stereo pair for full sound that really fills up a large space. OontZ says it’s available in the US only, though there are probably some ways around that for buyers in the UK and Europe.

Plus, and this is trivial, but still, the name is really fun to say when you’re listening to your favourite songs. “What kind of speaker is that?” your friends will ask, and you can reply, “Oontz, oontz, oontz,” right to the beat. It’s silly, but it’s true.

The Angle 3XL retails for $129.99, or about £99.

theoontz.com | Buy on Amazon

5. Big Blue Party Indoor Outdoor Speaker

Big Blue Party Indoor Outdoor SpeakerWhat’s in a name? If you go for the Big Blue Party speaker, a lot! Made by Brookstone, the American purveyor of high-end lifestyle products, it’s the ideal BlueTooth party speaker: big, with excellent loud sound and great bass.

This is a large device with some heft to it, but it houses four full range speakers (one on each side). Stick the Big Blue Party in the middle of your party, push play, and music goes out in every direction.

It also looks great, with a matte finish and alluring blue lights when it’s powered on. You can adjust the bass and treble right on the speaker, too, to get just the right balance. As for downsides, there are two main ones:

  1. First, the battery lasts for just a little over four hours; it’s not much, and it may not last your whole party.
  2. Second, the price is $199.99, or about £152, yet there are no real smart features.

However, you get impressive and loud sound for the money; if that’s what you’re after, the Big Blue Party is a solid choice.

brookstone.com | See bluetooth speakers on Amazon

6. Bose Soundlink III

SoundLink® Bluetooth® speaker III The name Bose means only one thing: outstanding sound quality. In this regard, the Soundlink III speaker does not disappoint: the audio is crisp and clean, with full definition, great bass, and a wide range of tones. It’s loud, too, with no discernible distortion, even at the highest volume. And of course, it has the name recognition; for many, Bose is the ne plus ultra of audio, end of story.

Many critics agree, too; CNET calls the Soundlink III the “Lexus of loudest BlueTooth speakers.” It’s a luxury, for sure, both for its capabilities and its price tag of £249.95. The battery lasts an impressive 14 hours for music all day, and the BlueTooth range is 30 feet.

Want to play from a device that isn’t BlueTooth enabled? No problem — there’s an auxiliary line in. Finally, the design is what you’d expect from Bose: streamlined and oblong, but not especially colourful. That’s OK, though, since Bose sells optional soft covers in several colours for a more personalized touch.

bose.com | Buy on Amazon

7. Fugoo Tough XL

Fugoo Tough XLYou can get it wet, you can accidentally drop it, and you can even get it a little dirty, and guess what? The Fugoo Tough XL speaker will still pump out your favourite tunes.

It’s designed for outdoor use: encased in a polymer, aluminium, and stainless steel cover, it’s rugged, durable, and “virtually indestructible,” according to Fugoo. (We haven’t actually tried to destroy one, however.)

The Tough XL makes a big big 360 degrees sound, thanks to its eight drivers (four tweeters, two woofers, two bass radiators). You hear it all, and you hear it loud.

Its battery life of up to 35 hours is nothing short of amazing, making it perfect for long parties, multi day outdoor excursions, or just hours and hours of thumping bass while you’re lounging around. There’s a USB port to charge your phone, it has a speakerphone function, and it integrates with your phone’s virtual assistant, so you can use the “Hey Siri” or “OK Google” commands to get some quick answers.

The retail price is a steep £255, and while we hesitate to say that this will be the last BlueTooth speaker you’ll ever buy, you probably won’t need a new one for a good long while.

fugoo.com | Buy on Amazon

8. Jawbone Big Jambox

Jawbone Big JamboxHere’s one of the loudest BlueTooth speakers from Jawbone. Yes, that Jawbone — the one that makes fitness trackers! They also make some of the loudest BlueTooth speakers, and some pretty good ones to boot. Turn up your Big Jambox — turn it way up, because it can totally handle it, and you won’t hear any distortion. You’ll also get tons of bass for a full, true sound.

One of the Big Jambox’s better qualities has nothing to do with music, though. It’s also an impressive sounding speakerphone with an omnidirectional mic for clean sound quality on both ends of your calls. Throw in a simple yet rugged design plus a 15-hour battery life, and you’ve got a great product that helps you pump up the volume.

The Big Jambox carries the cache of the Jawbone name, but unfortunately, it also carries the somewhat inflated Jawbone price. It retails for £259.99; it’s a lot, but if you want a BlueTooth speaker with great quality and great speakerphone capabilities, this may be your best bet.

jawbone.com | Buy on Amazon

9. B&O PLAY Beoplay A2

B&O PLAY Beoplay A2The Beoplay A2 is from Bang & Olufsen, a well-regarded Danish company that’s known primarily for three things: outstanding sound engineering, cool and innovative design, and high price tags. With the Beoplay A2, you get all three in spades.

First, the sound: it’s amazing, loud and crisp, filling the room with musical clarity. It can also go a long time, with a battery life of up to 24 hours on a single charge.

The design is funky in a retro sort of way. It’s made of aluminium with a leather strap and is reminiscent of the transistor radio your grandfather used to use, minus the dials and telescoping antenna that could put your eye out. It’s lightweight and comes in four muted colours.

And of course, the price. The Beoplay A2 retails for £299, which seems like a lot for such a small speaker, but if you’re convinced that Bang & Olufsen is the best, well, then you’re probably used to paying a little more. Finally, if you’ve got the money for two, you can create a stereo pair for even better sound.

beoplay.com | Buy on Amazon

10. Marshall Woburn

Marshall WoburnIt’s the age-old question: If music isn’t played through a Marshall amp, is it really rock and roll? The same logic can be applied to the Marshall Woburn BlueTooth speaker: if you’re playing your music through another speaker, are you really listening to all of it?

First of all, the design on this thing is classic: with the mesh front and script Marshall prominently placed, it genuinely looks like a Marshall amp that you’d find on stage behind any respectable arena rock band.

The wattage on it is impressive (90W), and it puts out over 100 decibels when you’re standing a metre away. So yes, it’s very loud, but it’s also clean and free of distortion. No matter what type of music you want to blast — rock, hip hop, hell, even classical and opera — it will sound full and rich and amazing.

Of course, there are some downsides. It’s big, weighing in at over 17 pounds. What’s more, there’s no rechargeable battery; you pretty much have to leave it plugged in all the time, so it’s not even remotely portable. And then there’s the price: the Marshall Woburn will run you about £400. It’s a big pile of cash, but let’s face it: serious audiophiles have been known to spend that and more to make their music sound as loud and pristine as possible.

Plus, if you love metal and classic rock, wouldn’t this speaker look sweet in your living room? It’s out of reach for many, sure, but rock and roll fans for whom money is no object will certainly be tempted.

marshallheadphones.com | Buy on Amazon

11. Devialet Phantom

Devialet Phantom best and loudest bluetooth speakersAre you prepared to blow your budget on what many believe is the best BlueTooth speaker available? Because the Devialet Phantom is probably what you want to buy. And we’re not exaggerating about blowing your budget, either — this thing is expensive. It’s not £500 or £700 or even £1000. It’s £1400. Well, £1390 to be exact. Take a minute to catch your breath.

The price tag of the Devialet Phantom begs the question: is it worth it?

It of course depends on your priorities and how much you’re willing to spend on a BlueTooth speaker, but we’ll tell you this: it sounds incredible. Not good, not great, not even excellent or fantastic — incredible. It can pump out 99 decibels thanks to its almost unheard of 750 watts, and it’s totally pristine.

Side note: if you want to go even louder, the more expensive Silver Phantom is 3000 watts; the even more expensive Gold Phantom is 4500 watts. Again, remember to breathe.

It’s not perfect, though. Playback is a bit convoluted; you need to add songs to the Devialet app to play them, rather than just playing from a playlist, but we figure this is a kink that will be worked out. It’s also not yet compatible with all music streaming services. Design-wise, it has a unique aesthetic, but maybe not in the best way. It’s weirdly rounded and shiny, like a discarded set prop from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

French manufacturer Devialet bills the Phantom as on of the best loudest Bluetooth speakers in the world, yielding “implosive sound” with “physical impact.” As with any speaker, the bottom line is audio quality, and here is where the Phantom can justify its high price. It takes good sounds and makes them sound amazing.

en.devialet.com | See bluetooth speakers on Amazon

In Conclusion

How loud do you want it, and how much do you want to spend? Those are the two big questions you’ll need to answer when you’re choosing the best loudest BlueTooth Speakers for you. Another consideration is audio quality; while all of the speakers on our list do sound quite good, with minimal noise and distortion, those on the pricier end of the spectrum do afford a more pristine listening experience.

How do you crank it up? Did we include your favourite loud BlueTooth speaker on our list? Leave us a comment and tell us about it!

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