Laser tag for your Smartphone with AppTag

AppTag, a gaming device for your Smartphone or iPhone gives LaserTag a modern twist and reboot with Augmented Reality compatible apps. Your phones clips on securely to the rails on the device and becomes your window into an augmented world, providing laser effects when you pull the trigger as well as keeping a track on the score, your in-game health, enemy kills, and targeting info. And the game server updates all this information on your screen in real time. Different modes such as capture the Flag, Deathmatch, Tag or Team games can be selected and there are also options to use different weapons, health packs, ammo packs, and power ups.

iOS and Android Compatible

The AppTag Blaster fits most style of phones (iPhone 4 – 6s; Samsung Galaxy™ 1-6) and all cases less than 76mm or 3” so you’ll be able to play games even if you’re not using the same OS. There are also numerous free multiplayer games available to download for both iOS or Android Smartphones that let you play with 1,000s of other players, so the fun can continue.

Augemented Reality (AR) Gaming

The AppTag SWARM app is a completely new style of gaming – Massive Multiplayer Reality Gaming –  that allows you to battle for the Earth’s survival from a deadly invasion. You’ll receive notifications of impending attacks, alien movements, and can team up with others in your area to defend your area together.  There are also a handful of single player games on HEX3’s AppTag ARcade app, which vary from blasting through multiple levels (pun intended); a game for the vengeful arachnophobic (or not) comes in the form of ‘Spider Attack’, and more.

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