Koubachi Plant Sensor

Real Data For Healthy Plants

Keeping indoor and outdoor plants can sometimes be a challenge. You know you need to water them, but how much is too much? Do your plants need fertiliser, or is good soil and sunlight enough? Are they even getting enough sunlight? It would certainly be easier if your plants could talk to you and tell you what they need. The Koubachi Plant Sensor is a smart tool that gives a voice to your plants — sort of. It offers vital information about your plants and their surroundings so that you can provide better care for them and allow them to grow big and beautiful. When the Koubachi Plant Sensor is used properly, you’ll likely have healthier plants inside your home, more vibrant landscaping outside, and even more fruits and vegetables from your garden.

Koubachi Plant Sensor – How It Works

1280-koubachi-wi-fi-plant-sensor-in-potThe Koubachi Plant Sensor is wifi-enabled and looks like an upside down golf club. It comes in both an indoor and an outdoor version. To use it, simply put the sensor end in the soil, tell the corresponding app a little about the plant you have (using its foolproof visual guide), and you’ll have information like soil moisture, sunlight, temperature, and how the current conditions align with what’s best for a particular species. It can also tell you the current weather forecast, helpful information about your plants, and other useful data.

What can you do with all of this information? Just listen to the Koubachi plant sensor — it can send you push notifications or emails reminding you to water, fertilise, move, or do other important things to your plants so that they can thrive.

Keep Your Thumb Green

The Koubachi Plant Sensor can help you improve the health of your indoor plants and gain a better yield from your garden. It can be ordered direct from Koubachi. The indoor version costs 99,00€, while the outdoor one (which is more rugged and waterproof) costs 129,00€. If you love your greenery and you’re converting your house to a smart home, this is one device that you’ll want to consider owning.

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