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Kiwi Ki: A Sweet Smart Lock Solution For Apartment Buildings

The Problem With Keys

It’s currently 2016, and tumbler lock and key technology is well over 200 years old. Is it any wonder that keys present so many little problems in our lives? They’re bulky, they need to be put somewhere, and we have so many. We lose them, we misplace them, and we seem to fumble for them at the worst time. If we need to grant a guest access to our home, we need to give them a key and then get that key back, lest we compromise our security.

It’s clearly an outdated way of doing things, and something needs to change. A number of smart locks are on the market, which is a good solution for private homes, but they’re not as practical for apartment buildings. This is where the Kiwi Ki wireless entry system is a viable, contemporary solution to apartment home security.

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Kiwi Ki – How does it Work?

If you’ve ever driven a car with a push button ignition and a key fob, then you’re already familiar with how the Kiwi Ki system works. The transponder, or ki, is a small, thin (6mm) square with rounded corners. Like a car key fob, the ki can be kept in your pocket or in your bag, and it will unlock its corresponding door once it’s in proximity to the Kiwi sensor. There’s no touching, no fumbling, and no turning. It’s all wireless and automatic.

You can hand out these ki squares to whomever you want to grant access. Using the app, you can make access time based, and you can give and remove access from anywhere. Once the sensor is installed on the apartment building door, it gives everyone in the building a new, smart, and convenient means of security.

Under the Smart Hood

Concerns about hacking and security breaches are understandable with new technology like the Kiwi Ki system. However, the high level of encryption used to maintain security should quell any fears. It’s all based on patent-pending random number generation, which means that there’s no way to copy a ki. In fact, it’s a system architecture that complies with the strictest of international standards: those for online banking.

A New Smart Home Niche

True, the Kiwi Ki system appears to be similar to other smart locks, but Kiwi is looking to carve out its own niche among apartment building owners and the inhabitants within. One big feature that makes the Kiwi Ki set up unique is that the door sensor is installed by a Kiwi-authorised technician. It’s all done professionally, so there’s never any concern about whether or not it’s done properly.

Some have criticised Kiwi’s technology as not being innovative. However, these individuals may not understand the business model that Kiwi is working on. This is no mere smart lock — it’s a security solution for apartment buildings where tenants and other people (such as mail carriers and sanitation workers) need to get in and out.

The Future of Building Security?

Kiwi already has the Ki system up and running in buildings in Berlin and Hamburg, two German cities with high concentrations of apartment buildings. If they can make it there, to borrow an old line, they can make it anywhere.

Kiwi has also partnered with Berlin Recycling, Deutsche Post, and the Alba Group to see how well Ki works in practice. So far, use has been successful, and it’s the hope of Kiwi that their door sensor will be installed on other apartment buildings, first throughout Germany, then around the EU, and potentially the entire world. It not only makes apartment building security easy, but it brings it up to date with the rest of our slim, digital technology.

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