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Lunar Crowdfund

Following the recent successes of ESA’s Rosetta comet landing, and the NASA Orion launch. The Space industry has stepped back into the limelight.

So as to make the most of this excitement Lunar Mission One, was launched (pardon the pun) on Kickstarter. The idea is to help fund a probe mission to the Moon with the help of the public. In return the public will get incentives from a mention on the website to a seat in the viewing gallery at launch!

Lunar Mission One


The main drive of Lunar Mission One, will be the chance your own personal information in a digital time-capsule that will make the journey to our nearest. Your pledge will reserve you a digital memory box of varying size (depending on amount pledged) that will be buried in the moon during the mission as part of a 21st Century time capsule.

This time capsule will be placed inside the borehole drilled on the Moon to be and will be safe for over a billion years (all thanks to the conditions on the rocky satellite). The timecapsule will be made up of two parts, one part will be where the public get to store their chosen data, the other will be a public record of life on Earth. Not too dissimilar to the vinyl that is currently 19,330,000,000 km (give or take a few km) away on the Voyager probe.

Lunar Mission One is not just about sending our information to sit on the moon, the real science is much cooler.

The Science bit

The borehole drill will carry instruments to measure geological conditions and chemical compositions. After the drilling, scientific instruments will be placed into the borehole to get more accurate readings or the Moon’s makeup.

The plan is to drill between 20 and 100m down in order to and analyse lunar rock that is 4.5 billion years old, so as old as Earth. Studying rock from here will let us know, in detail,  the geological composition of the Moon, the relationship it shares with our planet and the what was going on during the early development of our Solar Systemlunar-mission-one-designboom06

There will be above surface instrumentation involved as well, keeping a details and regular track of the conditions on the surface. The area the mission is aiming for will be the south pole of the Moon. An area, as yet, unexplored (apart form satellite imagery).

Lunar Mission One plans to launch in ten years time. With the first £600,000 of it’s budget coming directly from the kickstarter campaign.



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