KeyMouse – The Peripheral You Never Thought You Needed

Keymouse – A Multitaskers Dream?

To the pessimistic mind, “multitasking means screwing up several things at once;” To the optimist that’s screwing up several things at once while having a half-full glass of any beverage of your choice.

Now, do you sit in your office all day and struggle with the immense multi-tasking challenge of using both a mouse and a keyboard? Is a trackpad simply too far out of reach while you type away on your laptop? Well have we got the surprise for you! Introducing: The KeyMouse.

Backed by 123 people on Kickstarter as of January 12, the KeyMouse is actually a Kickstarter “Staff Pick” and has already received $30,992 in funds (That’s £20,530!) The KeyMouse will be delivered with software in order to enhance the user experience (and presumably teach you how to use it!)


Couch-Potato Friendly

Now the idea itself isn’t actually bad: It was invented so users could keep their “hands in typing position while using the mouse,” and allows you to keep your arms at a more natural angle than you would with a standard keyboard. You can also use it on a recliner, which obviously improves those days when you didn’t want to get out of bed in the first place.

The user gets one mouse for each hand (not sure how that works, but it looks cool!) both of which were developed with ergonomic, easy to use QWERTY key areas. According to its developers, the KeyMouse, “is designed to improve efficiency for anyone that uses the computer. Uses include gaming, programming, CAD drawing, order entry, stock trading, web browsing, document editing, graphics design, and much more.”

This Can Be Yours

Convinced? Take a look at the KeyMouse Kickstarter campaign and pre-order yourself a set for $249 (multi-tasked mouse/keyboard-typing does not come cheap!) Delivery is anywhere in the world and will be fulfilled by September 2015.

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