The iKettle – A Smarter Brew

Smart Kitchen

The internet of things has been surging of late, especially in the kitchen. Smart ovens, washing machines that talk, fridges that can text you with your contents. Adding to this smarter kitchen, we have the iKettle. While the name may suggest it, there is no apple involvement here, and the associated app with the iKettle is happy with iOS or Android.

The humble cup of tea has been a staple hot beverage for many centuries. The last innovation in kettle technology was the electric kettle, no more putting it on the hob and waiting for the whistle (although I do own such a kettle and love it). Do we really need to spend £100 on a kettle we can switch on with our phone? is the act of pushing down a button became that much of an issue that a solution was needed?

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iKettle – A solution without a problem

iKettle-AppThankfully the iKettle does a little more than just turn on, although it won’t fill itself for you. The iKettle app will let you set the perfect temperature depending on the selected brew. 65ºc for a Green tea up to the full 100º for the classics :). It will also allow you to set the kettle to keep the water warm for a period of up to 15 minutes. This is a perfect idea if you’re still waiting on you mum to pop round for a cuppa and she’s running a tad late. It can also be scheduled for you coming home from work, all you need to do is pour 🙂

…and before you worry, the iKettle can tell if it is empty or not, so no chance of accidentally melting your new gadget.

Value for money

Priced at the higher end of kettles, £100, it’s pretty steep and does not have the build quality of the typical premium kettle. Perhaps if it was lower priced it would be beneficial but it’s simply an expensive novelty item at the moment. The software associated with the device is also very buggy and you’ll have a bit of trouble with the initial setup. Perhaps the second generation of iKettle will be much better (similar to their namesake tech giants products).

The iKettle is available now for many online retailers.

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